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Thank you @Katey88_sprint!


Thank you @Katey88_sprint!

Im not sure you could ask for a better employee or person to solve a problem than @Katey88_Sprint honestly i was going to give up on sprint entirely but i will make a promise to the company that as long as she is employed there i will remain a customer.  This entire program is above and beyond what customer service is in the modern world.  A great concept and even better staff.  Thank you so much for listening the most important skill in life.  Empathizing with a customer is an art form that so many people have forgotten.  You have a truly talented individual working for your company.   

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Re: @Katey88_sprint

Smiley Happy Thank you so much for your kind words. We are always here to help here on Community. 

Community Manager

Re: @Katey88_sprint

She's pretty great, isn't she?


Thank you Katey, for being exactly what we want to exemplify and thank you @Markd2323 for letting us know that she took good care of you <3


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