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How do I post on the Community?


How do I post on the Community?


 First if you haven't already, create a username and password. On the home page click the sign in button, then click the "New User? Register here." link. 

Once you are registered, you MUST go back to your email that you used to register and click on the link to validate your email address. Once you are validated come back to the community and login. Then you can:

  1. Search for an existing topic (always recommended in case someone else has had the same question) to post on an existing topic: Click the Reply or Quick Reply button and start typing your response.
  2. To start a new topic, navigate to the appropriate board (Phones, Plan, etc) and click on the Start Topic button
  3. If you do not see a Start topic or Reply button, make sure you are logged in. then start over with step one.
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