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  From a desktop, in the new New Message window click the Photos icon   In the Photos window click "Choose File"   Locate the picture you want to share in the right folder on your computer (or phone) and click Open.  Back in the Photos window, use the drop down menu to select the size you'd like your picture to appear and then click "Done."       Youl should then see your picture in the New Message    
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  We all try to be respectful and helpful on our Community but occasionally, someone will violate the guidelines or the terms and conditions of the Community.   If you see a violation, please be a good community citizen and use our built-in feature to report it.  You must be registered and logged in in order to report violations.   Find the 3 button menu in the top right corner of the post and click "Report Inappropriate Content"   In the next window, include a short message to the Community team about the problem you see in the message.     This process notifies Community Moderators of a problem and allows us to review and it and take appropriate action.   Some things to note:   Questions about moderator or manager actions should be directed to us privately and any public discussion regarding removed posts, etc. will be removed immediately per our guidelines.  Out of respect for their privacy, we will not discuss actions taken against other members. Posts, messages and/or opinions that you do not like are not necessarily against the guidelines, terms or conditions.  Keep in mind that it can be hard to interpret intent and tone on the internet; try to be patient with others.  If you find that you simply cannot get along with another member, it is best to use the Ignore button (located on the lower right hand side of their profile), rather than reporting their posts as violations.  Moderators and Admin cannot be ignored this way. Community moderators can be identified by the badge next to their name:  .  Admin (also known as Managers) have this badge:    Social Care agents are not Moderators or Admin and cannot answer questions about Community management decisions.      
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Question I can't create a new post or comment on any existing threads.  How do I post?     Answer In order to comment on or create new threads, you'll need to register first.  On the  home page  click the sign in button, then click the "New User? Register here." link. Next, you'll fill in the fields and agree to the terms of service and guidelines.    You're almost done! To complete your registration, you must verify your email address. Go to the email account that you used to register, look for an email from Sprint Community and click on the link to verify your email address. Once you are verified, come back to the Community and login.  If you're not able to find the verification email, try looking in your junk or spam folder.   Once you are registered and have verified your email, you can: Search for an existing topic (always recommended in case someone else has had the same question) to post on an existing topic: Click the Reply or Quick Reply button and start typing your response. To start a new topic, navigate to the appropriate board (Phones, Plan, etc) and click on the Start Topic button If you do not see a Start topic or Reply button, make sure you are logged in. then start over with step one.
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