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CIG members now have access to create you own "social group" like CIG. You'll control the content (which includes a blog and a discussion forum) and the membership. BAW will just be the host. The only caveat is that the group's content can't violate any of the community guidelines. Send me a PM or email - - if you have any questions or problems.

I shamelessy "borrowed" these instructions/descriptions from Jive.

Connecting Through Social Groups

What are groups?

A group is a place for you to connect with people who share an interest. A group can be about anything you like, such as a work-related interest or a favorite sport. People join a group to connect with discussions, keep track of things with documents, and have their say with posts to the group's blog.

When someone creates a group, they say what kinds of content the group can contain and who can join. Here are a few things to know about groups:

  • A group can be about anything. No, really: a company soccer team, Linux hacks, or the latest uber-techno-hyeouse-hop releases.
  • A group can contain documents, discussions, and blog posts, just as a space can. The group's owner decides what's allowed.
  • A group can be open to all, hidden, and "by invitation only." It can be set up so that no one but its members can see it. It can also be visible, but set up so that its owner must give permission for people to join.

How do I find a group?

You can view a directory of groups by clicking Browse > Groups to get to the main groups page. On that page, you can also search for groups. Of course, you can also search from anywhere in Clearspace by using the seach box at the top of each page.

A group can be easier to find when the group's owner has added tags that help describe what the group's about.

How do I create a group?

Here are the steps to create a group:

1. Click Create a new Group in the I Want to box
2. On the Create a new group page, enter details for the group you're creating:

  • Group Name: The name you want to show up at the top of the group page. This will be used at the end of a URL that links to the group (though you can change the URL by clicking the Edit link).
  • Group Description: This will show up on the group's main page. Capture what the group's about in a way that will attract other people who might be interested.
  • Tags: Enter words or short phrases that will help other people find your group. Enter words that describe your group's focus. To separate the words, put a space between them (you don't need commas).
  • Group Image: A picture to display on the group's main page.
  • Group Type : Choose a type that will determine whether your group can be seen by others and whether they can participate.
    • With an open group, anyone can view content or participate at any time.
    • In a members only group, anyone see content, but only those who've joined can participate.
    • A private group is known to non-members, but only members can see content or participate. People can only become members after being invited or approved by the group's owner.
    • A secret group is invisible to all but its members. People can become members only by being invited.

Additional Features : What kinds of content should the group contain?

3. Select which features you want your group to have. People will be able to create the kinds of things you select.

4. Click Create group.

How do I change a group's details?

If you're a group owner, you can edit details such as the group's name, description, and so on — pretty much the same things you entered when you created the group. To edit this information, go to the group's main page, then click Edit group details in the Actions list.
How do I customize my group's overview page?

If you're a group owner or administrator, you can customize the group's Overview page with widgets. Go to the page, then click the customize link on the Overview tab. You can drag widgets from the list at the top of the page, then arrange them on the page as you want them. For more information on customizing, see Designing Pages with Widgets.

Managing Group Membership

How do I invite people to join a group?

A group's owner can invite other people by using Clearspace to send them an email. Go to the group's main page. In the Actions list, click Invite people to join this group. In the form you get, enter the email addresses of people you want to invite and feel free to edit the message however you like. Keep in mind that if you're using a private version of Clearspace, people who aren't already using it might not be able to join your group.

If people you want to invite are in your email address book, you can import their contact information. First, export contact information from the email application as a CSV file. After you've exported, on the Invite People... page, click the Import Contacts link to import the information into Clearspace.

Depending on how the group's set up, the group's owner might need to approve the new member.

How do I invite people from my contact list to join a group?

You can import contacts from your email program or other contact tracker. You'll need to first export the contact list as a comma-separated values (CSV) file from your email program. Most email programs give you the ability to do this.

Once you have the contact list as a CSV file, go to your group's main page and click Invite people to join this group. There, click the Import contacts link and browse for the CSV file.

If you want to delete or resend invitations, you do so while managing group membership. This can be handy if you've got a lot of outstanding unanswered invitations. Go to your group's main page, then click Manage group members. On the Manage group members page, click the Open Invitations link and select the names of people whose invitations you want to delete or resend. Use the dropdown above the list to select the action you want to take.
How do I add, delete, or ban new members?

Go to your group's main page, then click Manage group members. On the Manage group members page, select check boxes for the members you want to manage.

For the members you've selected, you can ban them from participating, delete their membership, send them messages, and more. You can also export their member information as a contact list you can then import into another application, such as an email address book.

You can change a selected member's role from administrator to member, or back the other way. An administrator role lets the member make the same kinds of changes you can make as the group's owner (except delete the group).


Many (probably all) of you have posted your concerns and complaints about the layout and ease of use of the new site.  The purpose of this group is to provide a centralized area to foster discussions between a select group of community members, user experience folks, the developers and community management.

A few points to keep in mind as we work through this:

  • This is a private group and membership is by invitation only. You were chosen to be a part of these discussions based on your feedback about the redesign and your participation on the community.

  • We have to work with what we have since we don't have unlimited resources (money, people) and we can't change  the community platform.

  • In order to keep this group productive please keep your posts factual and void of sarcasm.  Valid points are often overlooked because they are buried in a post that appears hostile or snarky.

Thanks for hanging with us through the transition and helping us to make Buzz the best wireless users community out there.

Community News

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