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Free Tablet Scam


Re: Free Tablet Scam

This issue should not be marked as solved. The free tablet scam continues...years later. In November, I was purchasing a phone. I was told by the Sprint Representative that I qualify for a free tablet. The representative was upfront about the contract service/monthly fee that would be additional (although, he did say that it would be $20.00 and $25.00 is actually billed). However, as my bill came in the following month, in addition to the service agreement fee, there was an equipment fee charge of $12.50 for the tablet. I called immediately to resolve the issue, and each month since the charge continues to appear. I have spent hours of my life on the phone (that I can't get back), to have this reversed. After months, and countless phone conversations with representatives that talk circles in hopes that I will give up, they say they have finally fixed the mistake; blaming it on the store representative for offering me something that was not available. After reading through this blog, I find it very hard to believe that so many employees of this company misrepresent offers. In all likelihood, Sprint is hoping that its customers will get tired of spending hours of their lives on the phone for $12.50 a month and give up, pocketing the profit of their defeat. For me, it is not about the $12.50, it is about principle. I truly hope that the issue is resolved for good this time and Sprint revises its business practices so that future customers do not have to suffer such tribulations. 

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Re: Free Tablet Scam




We regret making you feel this way! We'd like to have the opportunity to rectify this experience for you.

I sent you a Private Message, please reply back to me as soon as you can.





Sprint Social Care


Re: Free Tablet Scam

I had this happen to me to exactly. The exception is that I have three lines and they sold me two tablets. They stated that i had to have the 20-25$ unlimited in order to get reimbursed the 12.50 a month for the tablet. So at this point I agreed to the two fees at 25$ a piece(even though I didn't need the data because I have wi-if) and a 12.50 a month fee x2 which would later be credited back to me on the following month. I'm 4 months in and the 12.50 appears every month without the credit. We called sprint and they informed me that because we got the unlimited plane of 25 a month it null and voids the free tablet (12.50). I didn't even want the plan the rep insisted that it was the only way to receive the 12.50 credit. After talking to three different managers nothin was resolved and they blamed they women who sold me the tablet stating she misinformed us and there is nothing we she could do .