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Community Site Upgrade is a Go - Feb 22-23

Sprint Product Ambassador

You may have seen the blog post earlier this month detailing some of the changes coming to the Sprint Community in the near future.  You may have also noted we had, then didn't have a date.  What happened?

As we were finalizing testing for the previous date, we identified a potential problem with some of the back end code that could have caused stability problems.  Rather than launch something potentially broken, we chose to hold off and put a fix in place for the problem.  We've integrated the changes and have retested the platform - it's fast, cool and coming soon -- next week in fact!

We'll be taking the site down about 9PM Central on Tuesday the 22nd to do the upgrade.  It's a major change with new database, new hardware, new software and new layouts.  We'll be offline until about 11AM on the 23rd.  All of your current data, posts, identieies and profiles will stay the same - there just may be different ways to get to them, and more ways to use them.  Check out the earlier blog post for some of the goodies and stay tuned for more tips, hints and info on the new site.