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Community Updates - Fall 2010

Sprint Product Ambassador

Hi all --

We're in the midst of doing a little house-cleaning out here. With around a million visits every month, we've ended up with lots of categories that don't get used much. We also find that some categories tend to contain really good stuff… but all the stuff really belongs with other categories.

The downside of this is when newbies come in and get way overwhelmed with all the choices. So we're trying to make this place easier and better to navigate, and help get stuff where people can find it more easily. I'll add to this as we make further updates, but here's where we're starting:

Most of y'all use the Phones & Devices section. We're taking that into account.
Some areas are infrequently used, or the stuff in there really belongs other places. They'll go away.
Other areas were ill-defined. "Customer service" was really account-related stuff: billing, plans, upgrade discounts. We renamed accordingly.

We're happy to hear your feedback, and we'll add updates to this discussion. Just keep in mind, we may not have every specific category you might want. But - if the structure gets too big and unwieldy, you guys won't be able to find stuff at all.


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