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Hello from Tristan, Again


When Will set up this sub-community I thought it was a great idea to get reintroduced to the community and be able to talk about the overall community concept at Sprint.  From it's inception, community (Buzz About Wireless) was mean to be a place for us to be more engaged with you, our members, and learn what we could do to make Sprint a better company for all of us.  I think we have made some huge strides forward since we launched in 2007 though we do need to continue to evolve and provide the information and interaction you require.  Maybe this sub-community can help you understand a little more about what we are trying to do and help us get some feedback on the best ways to accomplish our goals.

That being said, here's a little background on me.  I’ve been working for Sprint for the past 7.5 years.  Today I manage content strategy for MySprint, Support and Community on  This really involves looking at our Sprint generated, manufacturer generated and user generated content on the site and determining what else we could be doing to make it easier for you to accomplish your goals online and be more engaged in the community.

I started at Nextel in 2003 as a Business Analyst investigating fraud and churn, basically trying to figure out why people were leaving the company.  That led to a role looking at customer satisfaction with our telesales channel.  I like to think my career at Sprint has been spent as a customer advocate trying to provide more open engagement.

In 2006 I became the first community manager for Buzz About Wireless.  Based on some great work by Will, Tony, and Allison I managed our fledgling online community for two years and supervised the incorporation of Buzz About Wireless into

I used to have the most posts on Buzz About Wireless but I see my 1,600 points is way below that of Will, Sarah and many our regular contributors these days.  I’ll need to play some catch up so expect a lot of one word replies from me for the next couple months.