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Important Notice on Sharing Framily IDs


Dear Sprint Community,

We are excited about the Sprint Framily Plan and the value it delivers our customers—particularly those who choose to share Framily with others. But there's a concern with sharing Framily IDs in the Sprint Community that we need to let you know about.

Your group's Framily ID is considered Customer Proprietary Network Information, or in legalese, CPNI, because of how it relates to your account, your service, and your relationship with Sprint. To protect your privacy, and your Framily members’ privacy, there are rules around how it can be used.

Because the Framily ID is considered CPNI, the Sprint Community cannot be used to post or share Framily IDs per our terms and conditions. To help keep our customers safe, we'll be removing any Framily IDs posted in the Community just like we would with other personal or account information.

Now, don't get us wrong—we definitely want you to invite family members, friends, coworkers, and others to join your Framily. At the same time, we need to ensure that we comply with our duty to safeguard your personal information. Remember: Anyone who has your group’s Framily ID, and is eligible, can join your Framily and everyone in your Framily has access to your Framily’s rate plan information, member status, Framily ID, member names, and the last four digits of member phone numbers.

With that in mind we launched the Framily Builder tool. The Framily Builder lets you share your group's Framily ID with people in your social networks, or with the general public, while making sure you protect your personal Sprint account details. We are actively working to make Framily Builder a flexible and easy tool to help you grow your Framily (and your savings!).

Thanks for your understanding as we continue to look for ways to make growing your Framily easier while protecting our customers' privacy.

Happy (and safe) Connecting!