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The recently launched Sprint Framily Wall is now available to iPhone users. Sprint Framily Wall is a private and secure social media place where you can share information, organize and communicate with those who matter most.

Key features of Sprint Framily Wall include:

  • Communicate – send messages, pictures, video  and  audio, privately to one or several members of your Wall
  • Organize – share calendars, lists, contacts and more with an easy  planning tracker
  • Remember – keep best memories in a sharable album
  • Locate – share phone locations and view others when they check in

With Sprint Framily Wall, you can create multiple private Walls to communicate with separate groups, such as family, friends, co-workers, teams, clubs and more. Each Wall is separate and private; the Wall administrator decides who is invited, and all the shared content is Wall specific.

And, friends and family on any wireless carrier can download and join a Sprint Framily Wall when invited by the administrator.

Sprint Framily Wall is available at no charge to Framily Plan customers or existing Sprint customers.1 The app is available in Google Play, the App Store and Sprint Zone.

In addition, a premium version of Sprint Framily Wall is available for $2.99 per month. Benefits of the premium service are:

  • Increased storage capacity for the select Wall up to 10GB (free version supports up to  100MB)
  • Upload and store HD Photos
  • Video and Voice Messaging
  • Video Upload and Sharing

Because at Sprint, we know connecting to the people and things you care about is important to you.



Dear Sprint Community,

We are excited about the Sprint Framily Plan and the value it delivers our customers—particularly those who choose to share Framily with others. But there's a concern with sharing Framily IDs in the Sprint Community that we need to let you know about.

Your group's Framily ID is considered Customer Proprietary Network Information, or in legalese, CPNI, because of how it relates to your account, your service, and your relationship with Sprint. To protect your privacy, and your Framily members’ privacy, there are rules around how it can be used.

Because the Framily ID is considered CPNI, the Sprint Community cannot be used to post or share Framily IDs per our terms and conditions. To help keep our customers safe, we'll be removing any Framily IDs posted in the Community just like we would with other personal or account information.

Now, don't get us wrong—we definitely want you to invite family members, friends, coworkers, and others to join your Framily. At the same time, we need to ensure that we comply with our duty to safeguard your personal information. Remember: Anyone who has your group’s Framily ID, and is eligible, can join your Framily and everyone in your Framily has access to your Framily’s rate plan information, member status, Framily ID, member names, and the last four digits of member phone numbers.

With that in mind we launched the Framily Builder tool. The Framily Builder lets you share your group's Framily ID with people in your social networks, or with the general public, while making sure you protect your personal Sprint account details. We are actively working to make Framily Builder a flexible and easy tool to help you grow your Framily (and your savings!).

Thanks for your understanding as we continue to look for ways to make growing your Framily easier while protecting our customers' privacy.

Happy (and safe) Connecting!



OVERLAND PARK, Kan. (BUSINESS WIRE), January 07, 2014 - Sprint (NYSE: S) is introducing the Sprint FramilySM Plan, a revolutionary pricing program that lets consumers decide who they consider family.

Your yoga teacher. Your favorite barista. Your fantasy football team. Parents on your son’s soccer team. Your BFF since high school. Your cube mate. Your parents. A group of family, friends and others you can now call “framily.”

According to the 2010 U.S. Census, 60 percent of total U.S. households are made up of fewer than three people and are growing more quickly than larger households. The Sprint Framily plan gives these 60 percent of households the opportunity to create a family plan with virtually any group who wants to come together to purchase wireless service.

[Learn how Sprint Framily Plan works]


As I got older, my passions changed. Before it used to be playing video games and listening to music, now its cooking and trying new techniques.

So I decided to try curing my own bacon and as a first attempt I must say that its not that bad.

So what do you need?

Pork belly, Kosher Salt, and Brown sugar, black pepper.     Thats it!

I got the pork belly from my local Asian Market, which only costed $1.49 a pound

I used pink salt which has nitrates in it, but I will not use this in my next batch.

I got 4 pounds of pork belly, 1/4 cup of salt, 1/2 cup of brown sugar, 1 tbps of pepper.

Cut the pork belly into two equal parts and rub your curing mixture on to your meat, place the meat into 1 gallon bags and place in fridge.

flip the bag every other day for 7 days.

Next, take the belly out and wash it completely and then place it on a rack and place in the fridge for another day to dry out (this create a pellicle, which allows the smoke to adhere to the meat)

Smoke the meat for 2 hours in a 200 degree smoker using fruit wood (I used Apple).

While the meat is warm, you can slice the skin off (which can be used in soups for flavor)

Let the meat cool down before you slice it to cook.


     This is after the curing process                                   This is after the curing process                                        The finished product

1.bmp 2.bmp 3.bmp

Do this at your house, and you will produce something that is superior to anything you can buy in the store.


Go behind the scenes with James Earl Jones and Malcolm McDowell as they film the new Sprint ad campaign. We totes mcgotes hope you enjoy


Catch all the slam-dunking action right from your phone or tablet, with NBA Game Time. The app kicks off the 2013-2014 season with a visual redesign that includes access to live streaming post-game press conferences, team stats and league rosters. Customize your home screen to show progress of your favorite team and the latest news, scores and more. Close game? This app alerts you to exciting moments in real-time, so you don’t miss a buzzer beater. Customize game alerts like score or threshold notifications, and check the Live Court View to see who’s on the court at any given moment. Get the latest news and watch video highlights from around the league so you’re in the know all season long.

Sprint customers get FREE unlimited live coverage of every NBA game and free access to NBA Game Time Plus with live radio broadcasts, game video alerts and more. All FREE with an Unlimited data plan from Sprint.

Don’t miss a second of this season! Game time is essential for all NBA fans.


App name: NBA Game Time

Price: Free


  • Live scores, player/team stats and schedules for every game
  • Live streaming of press conferences and other live events
  • Team rosters and stats, league leaders, and league news
  • Team video is now part of Game Time
  • Excitement Notifications – get notified when a game gets exciting at crunch time (chosen by game or team)
  • Customizable Threshold Notifications - get notified when a player or team you are interested in passes a threshold in a specific game
  • Twitter streams for each game – follow the social interaction of the game as it happens
  • Customize to feature your favorite team
  • Up-to-date news and watch highlights from around the league
  • Game notification capabilities and play-by-play experience


Since 2001, Sprint has collected more than 40 million wireless devices. It's important we change our thinking around our old cell phones. Learn more about how Sprint gives phones a "second life." Visit to see how easy it is to recycle your phone and give it a second life.


For the fourth straight year, Newsweek’s annual Green Rankings has recognized Sprint as one of the greenest companies in the United States, ranking us third (for the second straight year) among the 500 largest publicly traded corporations. We are proud that Sprint continues to lead the industry in environmental business practices, the only wireless carrier to rank in the top 25.

Our inclusion on the list is based on 2011 performance in areas like greenhouse gas emissions and wireless device recycling. Today’s Newsweek announcement also coincides with the release of Sprint’s annual Corporate Responsibility Performance Summary which provides greater detail on how the company, continues to advance their efforts to be a more sustainable company.

It’s a great accomplishment for Sprint and our employees that Newsweek has once again recognized our sustainability efforts – especially since our commitment to doing the right thing is an integral part of our long-term plan to reduce costs, drive revenue, increase customer loyalty –  all while mitigating our impact on the environment,” said Sprint CEO Dan Hesse.

Newsweek’s Green Rankings thoroughly evaluate the environmental performance of the largest publicly traded companies in the United States and those worldwide, and are based on a number of criteria including environmental impact, environmental management, and environmental disclosure collected by leading environmental research providers, Trucost, and Sustainalytics. Sprint’s successes in these areas are highlighted in greater detail in our performance summary. Notable achievements include:

Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Sprint has the most aggressive greenhouse gas (GHG) emission-reduction goals of any U.S. wireless carrier. At the end of 2011, we were halfway to our goal of a 20 percent absolute emission reduction by 2017. We achieved a 3.25 percent year-over-year reduction in absolute emissions along with a 31 percent year-over-year reduction in emissions intensity – milestones reached through the introduction of more-efficient network equipment as part of Network Vision.   

Electronic Waste Reduction

Sprint is the first and continues to be the only U.S. wireless carrier to outline specific commitments that address electronic waste (e-waste) holistically by focusing on the full lifecycle of the electronics it buys and sells. Our Electronics Stewardship Policy publicly states our pledge to responsibly recycle electronic scrap while also striving to boost equipment recycling and reuse. To date, Sprint Buyback, has taken back more than 40 million devices and has diverted millions of phones from landfills. This year alone, we have put over $75 million back in customers’ pockets through the Sprint buyback program. 

Sustainable Devices

In early 2011, Sprint collaborated with Underwriters Laboratory to launch the first environmental standard for wireless devices. Those standards, now called ULE 110, are a set of guidelines for manufacturing and operations, performance, energy management, sustainable innovation and packaging. In May 2011, Sprint launched the Samsung Replenish, which was the first wireless device in the United States to receive ULE 110 certification. We have since launched seven more Platinum-certified devices and continue to lead the industry in offering more devices with eco-friendly features than any other wireless carrier in the United States.

Our strong commitment to sustainability as a core part of our business strategy continues to receive recognition. Earlier this year, we were named No. 4 and the only wireless provider on the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Top 20 Technology & Telecom list of green power users within the sector. This summer, we were recognized by independent analyst firm Verdantix as the top U.S. wireless provider for corporate sustainability performance; and, for the last two years, Sprint Buyback has been named the best phone trade-in program in the industry by Compass Intelligence.

Learn More:

Press Release: Sprint Ranks #3 on Newsweek Magazine's Green Rankings


Sprint CEO Dan Hesse discusses Sprint's 2011 environmental recognition by Newsweek. Ranking #6 in 2010, Sprint continues to advance and excel in an on-going journey to preserve a more sustainable and green environment.

To discover more about Sprint's Green initiatives, please visit:


No cell or texting since 7:30 am . Nothing on line about outages but I know Verizon is down too????


The NBA tips off on Christmas Day, and Sprint recently announced that it is the Official Wireless Service sponsor for the League. As part of the partnership Sprint will reach the broad and passionate fan base of the NBA through a wide array of assets, including marquee league events, television and digital exposure, and customized NBA mobile content for its customers.

Available now for NBA fans on Sprint Android phones is the new Sprint NBA Mobile app, only for Sprint customers. Sprint NBA Mobile is the most comprehensive app in the marketplace for NBA fans. The app includes access to in-game and post-game video highlights, news, scores, stats, live home and away radio broadcasts, in addition to providing direct access to live ESPN NBA Games via Sprint TV’s ESPN Channel. Sprint NBA Mobile, exclusively available to Sprint Android subscribers, will be offered at no additional cost with unlimited usage for Sprint customers with an Everything Data Plan. It’s the NBA without limits.

Sprint NBA Mobile:

  • Live NBA games on Sprint TV’s ESPN Channel
  • Live home and away radio broadcasts
  • In-game and post-game video highlights
  • Real-time scores, stats,,play by play and alerts
  • Breaking news
  • Schedules, previews and recaps
  • Player and team stats and standings
  • FREE PREVIEW of NBA League Pass – available through Jan. 8, 2012 2012 (*Blackout restrictions apply to local and national broadcast games.)

To get Sprint NBA Mobile on your Sprint Android phone, text NBA to 8888, visit or download it from the Android Market.

Sprint-NBA-Games.jpgSprint NBA Mobile 1.jpg

In addition, Sprint customers also have access to NBA League Pass Mobile including:

  • 20% discount exclusively for Sprint customers
  • Up to 40 live out-of-market games per week with in-game stats overlays
  • Game replays with season archives

What team will you be following with Sprint NBA Mobile?

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Dan Hesse, Sprint CEO

•          “We have always believed being a more sustainable company is good business. It’s the right thing to do for the company and our customers to preserve our planet.”

At Sprint, we don’t want to see wireless phones tossed into landfills. With your help, we are doing something about it.  In 2010, Sprint achieved a 36 percent collection rate and is steadily moving toward our goal of collecting nine of every 10 phones we sell for reuse and recycling by 2017.

We are so pleased and proud that our recycling initiatives and the many other ways we are working to protect the environment has allowed us once again to earn recognition as one of the greenest companies in America.

Sprint has earned the No. 3 spot on Newsweek’s 2011 Green Rankings.  This is the second straight year that Sprint has ranked in the top 10, up from No. 6 last year.

“To be No. 3 on Newsweek’s Green Rankings is an honor,” said Dan Hesse, Sprint CEO. “Given the rigorous measurement used by Newsweek, we are proud that our efforts have been recognized. We are committed to building a more sustainable company and will continue our aggressive environmental efforts.”Our recycling programs join other Sprint initiatives such as our efforts to advance sustainable product design and protect the environment through reduced greenhouse gas emissions through our Network Vision project.

In the coming year, Sprint plans to focus its efforts on better managing its carbon footprint through Network Vision, expand its green mobile device offerings and further work with suppliers to improve the sustainability of its supply chain. 

Customers partner with Sprint for sustainability

We are appreciative of Newsweek’s dedication and extensive research that continues to recognize companies for their environmental stewardship. 

But, even more, we are thankful to you, our customers, who are working as our partners in making Sprint a more sustainable company. Please  check out our selection of eco-friendly phones and accessories. Also, if you still have an old phone or two sitting in a desk drawer, please take them to a Sprint store and see if you can get an instant credit towards the purchase of a new device or account credit through Sprint Buyback (or visit to learn how much you might receive). And please help spread the word to your friends, family members and others you know about Sprint’s green offerings.

How you can help:

Sprint Buyback - Offers new and existing Sprint customers credit of up to $275 for hundreds of eligible wireless devices, even if they're from other carriers.

Sprint Project Connect - Enables anyone to recycle wireless phones, batteries, accessories and data cards for free, regardless of carrier or condition. Program benefits Internet safety for kids.

More information:

News release: Sprint Moves Up Three Spots and Ranks No. 3 in Newsweek Green Rankings

Online Press Kit: Sprint Sustainability


Once again, Richard at FeverBee comes out with a great set of resources for managing your community and online social efforts.  He lists out a bunch of great papers, followed by dozens of blogs, websites, academic articles and more. 

Rather than pasting his whole list in, I just direct you to visit his blog (and bookmark it!):

What are your current go-to resources for your Community efforts?


Being through 5 tornados has A11ey very 'in the know' about safety.  She joked she should have a T-shirt made up to say "Tornado A11ey" created.

I took this picture with my Samsung Epic today, in the semi-dark of the stairwell, as we waited out the tornado warnings prior to lunch.  Here, A11ey and SarahKS, a couple of our Sprint Community Administrators, keep working as the sirens wailed on. 

You may find these links of interest about what to do and prepare for in the event of a natural disasters.

Be prepared in an Emergency

Mobile First Response after a Storm

Tornado Safety Check List

Hurricane Safety Check List

Earthquake Safety Check List

Flood Check List

Additional Red Cross Check Lists

Be prepared,


tornado warnins.png


You may have seen the blog post earlier this month detailing some of the changes coming to the Sprint Community in the near future.  You may have also noted we had, then didn't have a date.  What happened?

As we were finalizing testing for the previous date, we identified a potential problem with some of the back end code that could have caused stability problems.  Rather than launch something potentially broken, we chose to hold off and put a fix in place for the problem.  We've integrated the changes and have retested the platform - it's fast, cool and coming soon -- next week in fact!

We'll be taking the site down about 9PM Central on Tuesday the 22nd to do the upgrade.  It's a major change with new database, new hardware, new software and new layouts.  We'll be offline until about 11AM on the 23rd.  All of your current data, posts, identieies and profiles will stay the same - there just may be different ways to get to them, and more ways to use them.  Check out the earlier blog post for some of the goodies and stay tuned for more tips, hints and info on the new site.


As I posted in January, our Community platform will be undergoing an upgrade this month.  We now have a firm date and the upgrade will start in the wee hours of February 8th. The site will be unavailable for several hours on the morning of the 8th.

Unfortunately, I can't provide any screenshots prior to the launch due to the nature of our Jive platform.  Frankly, it looks pretty ugly right now and any changes we make to the layout in the test environment will not translate to the new site.  So that means the Communty team will be busy rebuilding the front page and the forums' Overview pages immediately after the Community is back online. We'll also be doing some housekeeping; merging little used forums, archiving older posts etc.

Thanks in advance for your patience as we get the site back together and better than ever!

1 Comment

As many of you are painfully aware our Sprint Community can get very slow and hard to use.  The bottom-line is we have more users than the version of our forum platform was designed to support.  In order to stabilize the site and improve performance, we'll be upgrading the software starting the first week of February.

What does this mean to you?

  1. There will most likely be a period of downtime. The Community may be completely down or is read-only for either hours or a couple of days.
  2. The look and feel of the Community will be basically the same, but simplified.  I will have more on that in later posts.
  3. We will be optimizing/cleaning up some of the content: archiving threads, merging some forums etc.

Our internal testing is scheduled to begin next week. Check back next week for more details.


We're seeing lots of great comments and questions across the forum; I'd like to call out a couple of areas this week.  Sprint offers a lot of services on the web and on your handsets, as well as on our network.  Sometimes they don't work quite like you think they should, or you have a question about how to use something.  We've got a forum for that!

You can discuss issues in the

You can talk about Sprint Apps, Services and features in the

If you have questions about voice services, like Voicemail, call forwarding, call blocking, we have our

Need help with SMS, MMS, Picturemail?  Check out the

Question about the Network, coverage or outages?  is for you!

As always, a post can be marked as a question -- this helps people find open questions to answer to earn status points!  Be sure to give enough information in your post so people reading it can give you an intelligent answer.  We're seeing more Sprint employees participating too - but keep in mind, this isn't a formal support channel, and we can't talk about your bill or account here.

Thanks and have fun posting!



Kermit the Frog once quipped, "It's not easy being green." Well, maybe it's not,  but Sprint is proving it's worth trying. Sprint ranked 6th on Newsweek's Green  Rankings of U.S. Corporationsof the 500 largest publicly traded companies in  America, as measured by revenue, market capitalization, and number of employees.  (up from 15th one year ago!)

Sprint CEO Dan Hesse discusses Sprint's 2010 environmental recognition by Newsweek, the Carbon Disclosure Project, and the company's on-going work to preserve a more sustainable and green environment.

Click here to read the full press release.


Hi all --

We're in the midst of doing a little house-cleaning out here. With around a million visits every month, we've ended up with lots of categories that don't get used much. We also find that some categories tend to contain really good stuff… but all the stuff really belongs with other categories.

The downside of this is when newbies come in and get way overwhelmed with all the choices. So we're trying to make this place easier and better to navigate, and help get stuff where people can find it more easily. I'll add to this as we make further updates, but here's where we're starting:

Most of y'all use the Phones & Devices section. We're taking that into account.
Some areas are infrequently used, or the stuff in there really belongs other places. They'll go away.
Other areas were ill-defined. "Customer service" was really account-related stuff: billing, plans, upgrade discounts. We renamed accordingly.

We're happy to hear your feedback, and we'll add updates to this discussion. Just keep in mind, we may not have every specific category you might want. But - if the structure gets too big and unwieldy, you guys won't be able to find stuff at all.


SarahKS - Dshoem01- Mapesy - ClaudiPo - Wengla02 - Racqueteer1- Alleyfasch - Mikemc - N2suntzu


When Will set up this sub-community I thought it was a great idea to get reintroduced to the community and be able to talk about the overall community concept at Sprint.  From it's inception, community (Buzz About Wireless) was mean to be a place for us to be more engaged with you, our members, and learn what we could do to make Sprint a better company for all of us.  I think we have made some huge strides forward since we launched in 2007 though we do need to continue to evolve and provide the information and interaction you require.  Maybe this sub-community can help you understand a little more about what we are trying to do and help us get some feedback on the best ways to accomplish our goals.

That being said, here's a little background on me.  I’ve been working for Sprint for the past 7.5 years.  Today I manage content strategy for MySprint, Support and Community on  This really involves looking at our Sprint generated, manufacturer generated and user generated content on the site and determining what else we could be doing to make it easier for you to accomplish your goals online and be more engaged in the community.

I started at Nextel in 2003 as a Business Analyst investigating fraud and churn, basically trying to figure out why people were leaving the company.  That led to a role looking at customer satisfaction with our telesales channel.  I like to think my career at Sprint has been spent as a customer advocate trying to provide more open engagement.

In 2006 I became the first community manager for Buzz About Wireless.  Based on some great work by Will, Tony, and Allison I managed our fledgling online community for two years and supervised the incorporation of Buzz About Wireless into

I used to have the most posts on Buzz About Wireless but I see my 1,600 points is way below that of Will, Sarah and many our regular contributors these days.  I’ll need to play some catch up so expect a lot of one word replies from me for the next couple months.


Sprint today announced the winners of the Sprint Go Green Sweepstakes, a sweepstakes launched in early April geared toward encouraging paperless eBill and Autopay enrollments.

Sweepstakes participants entered for a chance to win the “Grand Prize,” a 2010 Ford Escape Hybrid, and one of 50 First Prizes, “Green Kits” containing a Samsung Reclaim™ and other earth-friendly products. More than 100,000 sweepstakes entries were received through the close of the sweepstakes at the end of June.

Signing up for paperless billing is not only a way for customers to reduce paper consumption and waste, it also helps Sprint to reduce postage and paper costs. Customers that enroll in eBill for the first time receive a one-time service credit of $5.  

Sweepstakes Winners

Wendy Cantor of Great Neck, New York won the Sprint Go Green Sweepstakes Grand Prize: a 2010 Ford Escape Hybrid.

“This is a wonderful thing for us and we both appreciate [Sprint] and everything that you have done,” said winner Wendy Cantor. “GREAT EARLY WEDDING PRESENT!”

50 First Prize winners also received a “Green Kit” containing a Samsung Reclaim™, EcoFriendly Universal Case, SOLIO Hybrid charger, Green Works® cleaning supply products, and more.

Sprint eBilling

Approximately 21 percent of Sprint customers have signed up for paperless billing with Sprint to date. This has helped Sprint save 2.4 million pounds of paper, and has prevented the production of 13.2 million pounds of greenhouse gas emissions and 26.5 million gallons of waste water.

The Sprint Go Green Sweepstakes supports Sprint’s goal to reduce the weight of its paper consumption 30 percent by 2012. At the end of 2009, Sprint achieved a 27 percent reduction rate, edging it closer to its five-year goal.

“Sprint is proud to lead the industry in sustainability – and we are excited to reward our customers for going green with us,” said Ralph Reid, Sprint’s Vice President of Corporate Social Responsibility. “From this eBilling sweepstakes, to the Sprint Buyback program that offers a point-of-sale credit to new or existing customers that recycle eligible wireless devices with us, to our expanding portfolio of green devices – Sprint continues to provide our customers with many exciting and fun ways to go green.”

Sprint’s Green Leadership

Sprint continues to receive recognition for its leadership in environmental sustainability.  In 2009, Sprint ranked highest among all U.S. telecom companies and #15 overall on Newsweek’s Green Rankings. Sprint also scored highest among U.S. based wireless companies on the Carbon Disclosure Project’s (CDP) 2009 Global 500 Report.

Sprint was also recently honored with the “Sustainability Leadership Award” at the International Electronics Recycling Conference and Expo (IERCE) for its leadership amongst wireless carriers in the recycling of mobile handsets.

For more information on Sprint programs that protect the environment, go to, or follow @SprintGreenNews on Twitter.


You visit a forum.  You’re doing it now.  Why’d you come to the Sprint community?  Usually for two reasons – either you’ve got a complaint about your product or service, or you’re looking for ways to make your phone work the way you want it to.  Most likely you followed a link from or you found a link from Google or another search engine.  You post a question, you (hopefully) get an answer and there you go.  Your interaction is done.

That’s a great use of a forum for a support tool, but it requires that someone be listening for your question, and know the answer, and take the time to post an answer.  Why do those people stay around?  They like to help.  They enjoy the community they get in learning about the people who work at Sprint and other power-users of the forums.   And that’s where you start to get a real sense of community.  Community comes when you are building relationships between people who have a common interest.  In the strictest sense of the word, a community is a group of people sharing a common environment.  In our case, it’s this software platform, and the Sprint services and products.

This forum is about Sprint (and others) wireless products – phones, broadband cards, etc.  A lot of folks will come here for help getting something to work.  A few will stay.   Our goal is to make this more than a drive-by support forum for broken stuff.  We want to make this into a community, where people know each other and build connections.  The forum is just the platform for people to talk.  I’ve seen great communities built on Fido NET BBS’s, via email discussion lists, in text-only Usenet groups and on web-based forums.  I’ve also seen a lot of fancy forums with the latest tools for social media connections go unused.   I was reading an article at FeverBee the other day and I think this quote stands out: “The better you get to know and like your fellow members, and the more you care about their opinion of you, the more you participate and thus work towards a successful goal.”

Our goal is to build more than just a wireless support forum.  We want to enable people to relate to people.  It’s about people getting to know people.  We’re building this /meta community so you can learn more about us – I encourage you to talk more about yourselves, your interests, and your story.  It’ll help us get to know you and we can build some genuine relationships.  Lofty, but I think it’s a good idea.


Sprint and Samsung start the summer off green with Samsung Restore, partnering on their second eco-friendly1 device and building on their combined industry leadership in environmental responsibility; for more information visit

Highlights/Key Facts

Sprint (NYSE: S) and Samsung Telecommunications America (Samsung Mobile), the No. 1 mobile phone provider in the United States2, announce the eco-friendly Samsung Restore™, available beginning Sunday, June 6.

Sprint customers can purchase Restore via all Sprint retail channels, including Sprint stores, and 1-800-SPRINT1 for $49.99 with a new two-year service agreement, after a $50 mail-in rebate (taxes and surcharges excluded).

Restore is a full-featured messaging device, offering a slide-out, full QWERTY keyboard with a full range of multimedia and entertainment capabilities.

Restore is available in two vibrant colors – Midnight and Limeade.

Restore’s Earth-Friendly5 Design

Restore’s outer casing is made from 27 percent post-consumer recycled plastic; the handset is 84 percent recyclable3 as a whole.

Meets RoHS4 standards and has low levels of PVC, PFRs, Phthalates and Beryllium

Powered with an Energy Star version 2.0 qualified charger.

Packaging is 100 percent recyclable3; features a cardboard box made from 70 percent post-consumer materials; and is printed with soy ink.

Online user manual replaces Restore’s paper manual, available online June 6.

Sprint was the first U.S. wireless carrier to establish green specifications for future devices, collaborating with device suppliers to design and provide products that feature sustainable design elements and that contain a reduced level of environmentally sensitive materials.

Executive Quote from Omar Khan, Samsung Mobile SVP of Strategy and Product Management

“Following the success of Samsung Reclaim, our first eco-friendly device with Sprint, Samsung Restore furthers Samsung’s overall commitment to creating environmentally sound products without sacrificing impressive features and stylish design,” said Omar Khan, senior vice president of strategy and product management for Samsung Mobile.

Executive Quote from Kevin Packingham, Sprint SVP – Product Development

“Samsung Restore builds on the legacy of creating eco-friendly devices that started with Samsung Reclaim,” said Kevin Packingham, senior vice president–Product Development, Sprint. “It is a full-featured messaging device that offers a full range of multimedia and entertainment capabilities, without sacrificing our commitment to the environment.”

Restore Resources

Samsung Newsroom – High-res photo, full image photo gallery

Samsung Newsroom – Related press release

Samsung Newsroom – Related blog post

Sprint’s Recent Environmental Initiatives

At #15 on Newsweek's 2009 Green Rankings of America's 500 largest corporations, Sprint is the only U.S. telecom ranked within the top 100.

In February 2010, Sprint expanded its Buyback program, to offer subscribers a financial incentive for recycling up to three old cell phones.

Sprint continues to expand its line of eco-friendly accessories that are featured in Sprint’s dedicated Green Area in Sprint Retail Stores.

Sprint recently received a $7.3 million grant from the U.S. Department of Energy to expand its use of hydrogen fuel cells as backup power for cell sites.

Sprint announced new more sustainable accessory packaging in October 2009. The changes enabled Sprint to save $2.1 million and reduce packaging waste 647 tons annually.

For more information on Sprint and its programs that help to protect the environment, go to: or follow @SprintGreenNews on Twitter.

Samsung’s Recent Environmental Initiatives

Samsung Reclaim™, launched August 2009, was the first phone in the U.S. with hardware partly constructed from bio-plastic5 materials. Made with 80 percent recyclable3 materials, Reclaim recently received the Best of Green: Best New Cell Phone Award in the Science and Technology category by

Samsung remains committed to their Eco-Management 2013 Plan announced in July 2009, detailing a comprehensive set of sustainability goals to be achieved by Samsung in 2013, including the reduction of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from manufacturing and product, the development of eco-friendly product, financial investment in eco-management initiatives and enhanced green partnerships with suppliers and partners.

Related Links

Newsweek Green Rankings – Sprint, No. 15,

Sprint Sustainability

Sprint Corporate Social Responsibility,

Samsung Recycling Direct

March to a Million In-School Recycling Program

Follow Sprint:
Follow Samsung Mobile:
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1 The terms “eco-friendly” and “Earth-Friendly” refer to the product, packaging and recycling initiatives as described in this release and applicable product documentation, websites, and other referenced programs

2 Based upon reported shipment data, according to Strategy Analytics Q1 2010 U.S. Market Share Handset Shipments Report.

3 Recycling programs for this product and packaging may not exist in all areas

4 Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive, 2002/95/EC as amended

5 16 percent Polylactic Acid (from corn) and 84 percent Polycarbonate (from petroleum)


We've switched our RSS feed format to RSS 2.0 and changed to Full Text instead of snippets.  Now you can keep up with your favorite community or all the posts on the site from your RSS reader!

You can see all the various feed options from here:

If you run into any problems with the RSS feeds, just post a comment or send me a PM.



UPDATE: forgot that RSS 2.0 doesn't handle the userID's properly; it's back to Atom 1.0  and still Full Text!


Late next month Early in 2010 (not committing to a date now) we'll be releasing some major changes to the Sprint Community!  We can't talk about all of it, but as we get closer to launch we'll be releasing updates and more news.

The biggest change is that you will log in using your MySprint account info.  The first time you log into the Community after the launch you will be prompted to claim your Community ID. This way you'll keep your ID, your posts, your points, your messages - everything.  The only thing that'll change is what ID and Password you log in with.

If you don't have a MySprint account that's OK too.  You'll be prompted to create one - no account or phone needed.  MySprint accounts will be opened up to everyone - customers, prospects, competitors, everyone.  No phone, no account, no plan needed.  And then you can claim your community ID, keeping all your posts, points, messages and everything.

When you first log in and are prompted to claim your Community ID, you'll need your Community password.  If you don't remember it, *now* is a good time to reset it.  I know I generally let my browser keep track of my passwords and don't remember all of them.  But you will need to have this password on hand for the transition.

More info to come in the next few weeks!

(Update 1/8/2010 - date changed, not committing to a date)

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Randy Farmer and Bryce Glass have an interesting article on discussing some of the bad points of 'karma' or user rating systems. When we were planning our new forum system, we had many of these same discussions.  Previously, we only allowed positive 'Kudos' to be given for a post; the new system offers a 5-star rating system.  Kudos offered the benefit of allowing you to agree with a poster or his opinion, without giving the ability to disagree or mark a 'troll' down, similar to the 'like' button on Facebook.

With our new software, we chose to use a 1 to 5 star model, with no 'negative' points allowed - your post is either rated 1 for 'useless' to 5 for 'excellent' - all adding to your score or karma.  Why not have a '-1 sux0r' value?  It seems intuitive - with a 'dislike' or negative score, poor quality posters will quickly get a bad reputation.  From Farmer and Glass:

Good users will have high positive scores (and other users will interact with them), and bad users will have low negative scores (and other users will avoid them).

However, how can you tell what karma or points were generated by recent activity, or by disgruntled users (griefers)?  By having the potential for negative karma, you cannot really tell who is more valued or trustworthy.  Again from Farmer and Glass:

Say you encounter a user with 75 karma points and another with 69 karma points. Who is more trustworthy? You can't tell: maybe the first user used to have hundreds of good points but recently accumulated a lot of negative ones, while the second user has never received a negative point at all.

Additionally, once enough people mark a poster with negative ratings, they become 'bankrupt' with a negative point score.  Usually that will drive them to simply create a new account with a starting score of zero.  Since they've restarted their account you have no way to identify their public reputation - the karma bankruptcy delivered the opposite result, providing less transparency into the users reputation.  Our star model gives our users the opportunity to rate content or posters both positively and negatively while avoiding the problem of negative karma, karma bankruptcy and as notes, the 'dollhouse mafia'.  (no, really - go read the article)


Via Bruce Schneier at:


Highest Ranking Among all Telecom Companies

News Highlights:

Executive Quotes from Sprint CEO Dan Hesse:

"We at Sprint are honored and grateful for the recognition that our company’s green initiatives have received from Newsweek and the Carbon Disclosure Project… We are extremely proud of this recognition, but Sprint’s green strategy is much more than awards and acknowledgments. Our focus on corporate social responsibility and green initiatives helps drive social and environmental improvement."

"We are leading our industry by example -- continuing to set policies and achieve aggressive, measurable goals that hold our organization - and our industry - to a higher standard."

Related Video:

Sprint CEO Dan Hesse discusses Sprints recent environmental recognition from Newsweek and the Carbon Disclosure Project. Sprint CEO Dan Hesse discusses Sprints recent environmental recognition from Newsweek and the Carbon Disclosure Project.

Sprint’s Recent Environmental Initiatives:

  • Sprint recently announced a new line of eco-friendly accessories that are featured in Sprint’s dedicated Green Area in Sprint Retail Stores.
  • The Samsung Reclaim, currently available from Sprint, is the first U.S. wireless phone built from eco-friendly bio-plastic.
  • When customers purchase Samsung Reclaim from Sprint $2 of the proceeds will benefit the Nature Conservancy’s Adopt an Acre Program.
  • Sprint recently received a $7.3 million grant from the U.S. Department of Energy to expand its use of hydrogen fuel cells as backup power for cell sites. An industry leader, Sprint has deployed more than 250 hydrogen fuel cell generators across its wireless networks and has received 12 patents from the U.S. Patent Office that include hydrogen fuel cells.

Related Links:

Newsweek Green Rankings

Sprint Sustainability

Meet the Samsung Reclaim

View Sprint's line of Eco Accessories

Carbon Disclosure Project’s (CDP) 2009 Global 500 Report

Sprint Corporate Social Responsibility


If it's Thursday, we must have dropped code.

We've made some more improvements to the Community site - the major change being a back end database driver upgrade.  You should see an improvement in page load times as well as improved stability.  We also made some minor changes to the user interface, including removing links to 'hidden' posts (the admin section, deleted posts, etc); improvements to displaying things in IE6 (y'all *really* need to upgrade!), adding the ability to remember your username and password in the browser, 'Featured' posts are now sticky, and several other minor UI changes.

Things we're still working on include making the 'remember me' button work so that you don't have to log in every time you view the forums; user experience, navigation and layout changes, reducing the size, complexity and page load times on every page of the site, and adding the ability for registered users to customize their view of the site. We're also working on an upgrade of the Clearspace forum software that will help to reduce the W3C validation errors and  improve performance and stability.

Other improvements noted and in the pipeline to be developed and deployed in the future include:

  • 'standard' forum template - like you see on Phonescoop, Howard Forums, etc.
  • 'mobile' forum template
  • Retrieve lost username
  • New posts view / mark all posts read
  • View of only forums you're interested in
  • Improved view of read / unread message count across the site
  • Better view of PM read vs unread, both in the inbox and across the site
  • Easier posting of new threads

We're continuing to work on making this experience better, easier to use and more friendly.  We appreciate your suggestions and ideas - this is a work in progress.



Our developer team released an update last night to the Community site that has significantly improved the speed and stability of the site on IE6 and IE7.  In my casual testing, the site appears to work as quickly in IE as it does in Firefox now.  We hope you find the same results.  The problem was related to how we were calling one of the javascript files.  I don't pretend to be an expert on client side scripting so I can't explain more than that, but the end result seems to be a snappy fast running site!

Kudos to the dev team and as always, if you are having difficulty accessing the site, you can send an email to . Please include the operating system (XP, Vista, Mac, Linux, etc) as well as the browser and version (IE6, IE7, Firefox 3.01, Safari 4, etc).  Thank you for your assistance!

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