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Community101: Help out the next customer: Mark things "correct!"

Community Manager

Do you pay attention to the number of 'views' on the first post of a particular discussion?  If you do,  you probably know that all  those views are people looking for information just like you.  If you're an experienced user of message boards and other websites to get information and solve problems, you may know that pages with a high number of views are either popular, controversial, helpful or a combination of each.  While that's certainly one key to finding information, I'm sure you'd agree that it's more helpful when the right information is easily distinguished from the rest.

Here on the Sprint Community,  the best way to identify an 'answered' question is to  look for the green question bubble next to a thread topic.  green bubble.JPG

The green bubble indicates that someone (a fellow customer or a Sprint employee) has responded to a question and provided useful information or a link to the answer.   Even if you're the strong-silent type and you never ask questions or participate in discussions, you can still get a lot of use out of our community by looking for those green-bubble discussions and reading the information inside.

One great aspect of a Community over other types of websites is users helping users along with the expert assistance of Sprint Care and the Product Ambassadors on the site.  You can add your thoughts and insight to discussions any time they're relevant and helpful.  Keep in mind, though, you probably came here looking for help at first.  Your previously asked and answered questions  may well help the next person dealing with the same issue.

If you read through a thread marked 'Correct' but still haven't had your specific question answered, feel free to start a new discussion of your own.  If you're asking a question, be sure to check the box 'mark as question.'   Your new thread will have a 'blue' bubble next to it at first and you'll get a notification when someone responds.

blue bubble.JPG

The Sprint Community admin and moderators patrol the boards looking for and marking 'correct' answers but we could use your help.  If you ask a question and receive useful or correct information, be sure to use the "Correct Answer" or 'Helpful Answer" buttons (see below) to show others that herein lies assistance.  You'll be adding value to the content and helping out the next guy, all at once.