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Employee Discount Verification needs work!


Re: Employee Discount Verification needs work!

zzzchick - I just wanted to let you know that I feel your pain.  Thanks for openning my eyes to the discount being removed from the additional lines.  That's just ANOTHER slap to my face today.

I personally am going to do A LOT to discurage any, and everybody that'll listen to stay away from Sprint.  As the immortal IceCube said, 'I'm the wrong N**** to F with!"  I will make it my mission to steer people away from this company - and also to educate them about MVNO's (mobile virtual network operator).  Most people know them as pre-paid.  Most people are afraid of them.  Most people don't realize how much they would SAVE by switching.  Most people don't realize that if they dislike their MVNO, for any reason, they can ditch them like a bad pair of shoes... without an ETF.

Today I go from being the a HUGE advocate for Sprint, to an every greater ANTAGONIST!  You should join me.


Re: Employee Discount Verification needs work!

YOU have SPRINT by the you know whats.... You know why?  YOU pay THEM!

I found these posts after a phone call and an online chat got me nowhere.  I've been with Sprint for so long I don't remember.  Definately over 8 years.

Here's the thing...  I don't like being treated unfairly.  When that happens, I won't sit back and take it.  I will fight back however I can.  One way is with my wallet, which is why I'm dropping 2 of my 3 lines.  I can't afford 2 ETF's right now, so they'll keep 1 line for awhile. 

But you want to know what's is really cool?  Knowing that they are going to make $100 or so less from me monthly.  So for the next two years they won't be getting $200 from my account, it'll be one line without the discount (I refuse to renew just to get the discount that shouldn't have been taken from me in the first place).  Once that contract is over, bye bye Sprint.  You are dead to me.  My simple math tells me that they will lose $2400 or so over the next two years.  That is liberating.

You know what else is cool?  The fact that I'm the phone guy at my company.  The one with the rooted phone.  The same guy that people go to for PHONE ADVICE.  Yep... That's me.  Do you know what I'll tell them when they ask for my advice?  STAY AWAY FROM SPRINT.  And then I'll point them to these very same forums.  They'll see for themselves just how Sprint treats LOYAL customers.  Like I've been for all this time... Even though I got stuck with that 'PREMIUM DEVICE' upcharge for 4G data.  The same 4G data that I can never use (no towers near my home, no building penetration where I work).  I've stuck with these guys even with spotty service, dropped calls, then discounting my data when I upgraded my wifes phone, on and on.

They have earned my wrath... and I don't even care about their LTE plans anymore.  It'll probably be more of the same... which hasn't really been all that good.

MVNO, here I come.  And if you piss me off too, I'll go elsewhere again.  This time without worry of an ETF (early termination fee).  Mobile contract?  NEVER AGAIN.


Re: Employee Discount Verification needs work!

This verification thing makes sense but is absolutely ridiculous!. Seriously you want my paystub, work ID or have me contact HR. SERIOUSLY!!!??? Sending my paystub obviously has my SSN, with my work ID now you have my picture, what's to keep anyone from getting a hold of my information (hello identity fraud). i'm not applying for a whole new line! I've been with sprint for 13 years!!! I'm not asking for a discount!!! It was given to me, AFTER I showed proof where I work and I have to do this AGAIN.

As Sprint users we really didn't have an option when the $10 surcharge started, we didn't have an option when the discount got removed from each of the phone lines and given only on the main line, we sure as heck didn't have an option as the insurance for the phones increased. Talk about nickel and dimming its loyal customers. I swear if i didn't have 5 lines (each paying an additional 10) that are under contract i'd run to the hills and forget about sprint!!. .

A very special thanks to the CS rep who couldn't assist me by providing me with the contract end date, i just wanted the very last one!, how long do i have to prolong me getting screwed over by sprint and having to stick with sprint?!

Seriously Sprint, good bye in a few years there will be no Sprint.


Re: Employee Discount Verification needs work!

Oh you have no idea!!!!!!  I too am having the same problems a number of you are having with the employee discount.  I have been with Sprint/Nextel for about 8 or so years and have never missed a payment.  In trying to get another issue resolved I contacted Sprint customer service and was informed that my employer disocunt no longer applies and I would have to re-apply for the discount and was given directions on how to go about doing that.  Yeah that worked.......I have also been fortunate enough to have MAJOR billing errors since my upgrade that have yet to be resolved and have already spent many, many hours on the phone with customer service and have even been hung up on by a supervisor in my efforts to get all of this straightened out.  Since my upgrade I have payed one bill that I was overcharged on and now my second bill has over charges on it that have yet to be resolved and as far as I can employee discount is still not back on my bill.  Do you really think I want to get back on the phone with Sprints customer service after being misimformed and hung up on???????  Now...I will either pay the 150.00 over charge or I will pay 350.00 to discontinue service with Sprint and of course the bill too........Whose got who by the what's???????????????????????


Re: Employee Discount Verification needs work!

2007-2008 no employee discount. 2009-2011

availed for employee discount.

Late 2011 renewed my contract and upgraded my unit. First few months still with employee discount.

2012 they pulled it out .So i called the CS and they reinstated the discount.

And i called CS about the changes and to explain it to me.Since i didnt received any letter or whatso ever about the changes. Yet she insisted i did ( lol ) .  Unfortunately the CS service an outbound source

Wasn't able to explain to me fully about the 3g/4s data usage.

The response are all generic / scripted.And the best part they removed my employee discount.

And when i registered my company email and assigned number it says I can avail a discount.

To end the story i changed my profile name to JUstShootme

2013 june my contract ends . So im contemplating shall i end my 6 years relationship with sprint or

Stay . Lol

I believed proper dessimanation of information is a must , and explain the matter within  limits of understanding.

So the employee discount must be addressed , i never received any email from sprint thru my corp. email acct.


Re: Employee Discount Verification needs work!

Hey TUCSON-DAN, thanks for posting; sorry to hear of your issue.

We can help with your issue. Please send me a personal message. Include your name, Sprint phone number, security information (PIN or security question answer), your Sprint Community name, and a link to this posting

thread. Thanks!


Giovanni R.

Sprint Social Care Team


Re: Employee Discount Verification needs work!

That is understatement!  My 3rd phone call to customer service as attempting to reverify same employeement from when I first started service back in 2010!   Website times out, gives error message or try back again (remember - same person, same email adress - same employer) - Try different browser, get one step further or get not recognized!

Call customer sevice "we are having problems" back in Nov/Dec finally don't worry sir, we'll take care of it!   They didn't and today's call, you need to do this online, we can't do it for you...I have tried???  We will escalate this....You mean it wasn't on my 2nd call when it was taken care of??

MMMMM - Why are people leaving sprint   -  I know...Customer service (being kind on the phone is not good customer service, correcting the problem that you have (multiple attempts trying to revalidate email) is good customer service

Irritated in Tucson


Re: Employee Discount Verification needs work!

I spoke with several people.

I ended up get $300 off for service issues in my home for my cell.

They are upgrading the towers in area and service sucks since May 2012.

Then another person issued me a $25 credit with another $25 for 3 months.

Regarding the employee verification, you can do it on the Sprint website.

I will probably go thru Dan Hesse, CEO, the email used for complaints.

Someone assigned to complaints and issues work thru that office.


Re: Employee Discount Verification needs work!

I am going through the same garbage now. I sent them my company id and noted that our agency also changed its name. I gave them the old and new name and they keep saying they can't find either and I  need to reverify. How much more do I need to fax these people before they can verify an employer I have been with for years that told me when I called our reps that we should srill be listed and there shouldn't be any problems.

I just got my phone and don't have money to be throwing away to cancel my contraction so they better get it right.


Re: Employee Discount Verification needs work!

I haven't received any reply to my employee discount.

Sprint will not get another dime out of me until this is resolved and my coverage issue.