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I've been with Sprint long enough to remember the "spending limts" however, I do not know how "late fees" work NOW. I never pay late but due to me moving, I will have to pay them <GASP!> 3 days late. My bill is due on the 7th, I get paid on the 10th. Does anyone know what Sprint will do? Do they tack on late fees instantly or is there still a seven-day rule?



If your bill date is through lets say April 14- May 13th and it shows a due date of May 7th you will be OK paying on the 10th.  The due date is usually 6-7 days before the actual cutoff of the billing cycle.  In essence, if the new bill cuts/processes and there is a balance you have a late fee. This is standard process in our industry, if you haven't been late in the last year a customer service representative will be able to adjust the bill if the late fee annoys you.

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I moved your question to the Customer Service forum.

In general, a late fee is applied to the next month's bill (shown in the the Summary of Account Charges section) when the outstanding balance is over $10.00 and is 30 or more days past the bill-cycle close date, which is NOT the bill date.  The law requires a 20-day interval from the bill date, which drives the payment-due date.

That's a lot of dates, so let's take a look at your situation (please call Customer Service to confirm 100%; I don't have access to customer accounts, so I can only assume the dates):

According to your post, your payment-due date is 6/7, so your bill-cycle close date is probably around 5/14 and your bill date around 5/18.  You can check the dates by clicking on the See my bill link on the My Sprint landing page -- look for Bill Period and Bill Date at the top of the Monthly Statement page.  As said above, you have 30 days past the bill-cycle close date before incurring a late fee, so that puts you at around 6/12 (5/14 + 30 days).  Be sure Sprint receives your payment no later than that.

Here are a few other things that may be worth knowing when forced to incur a late fee:

  • A late fee is not charged on a late fee. If the account balance is paid except for the late fee due, no additional late fee is calculated.
  • Taxes are charged on the late fee.
  • To calculate late fee:
    • Subtract any applied adjustments from the outstanding balance.
    • Multiply total by applicable late-fee rate.
  • Late-fee rates by state: 
    • Virgin Islands  0.00%
    • Mississippi  0.30%
    • Oklahoma  0.40%
    • Iowa  0.52%
    • Alabama, Alaska, North Dakota, Puerto Rico  0.70%
    • Wisconsin  1.00%
    • Nebraska  1.30%
    • Arkansas  1.40%
    • Maine, South Carolina  1.50%
    • Washington, DC  1.50%
    • Rhode Island, Tennessee, Virginia  2%
    • Colorado  3.70%
    • North Carolina  4.00%
    • All other states  5.00%
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