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Made a fool of


Re: Made a fool of

Thank you i have already filed complaints with the fcc consumer complaint department, the bbb, my local paper, and i am done being pushed around.  After speaking to two different supervisors who are now telling me without insurance i cannot do anything and Samsung has to get involved.  So I cannot get my ETF waived by the higher ups lets see what the fcc bb can do for me.


Re: Made a fool of

I don't work for Sprint and I have no interest is being favorable to them or you:

I had a hard time following what your exact problem was with Sprint; i.e., why they didn't offer repair, replacement, or offer to sell you a reconditioned phone.

If your phone was damaged (physical, water, etc.) and you didn't have insurance then you have to pay for repair/replacement yourself.

Samsung will repair, or offer a reconditioned replacement or new replacement IF your phone isn't damaged from misuse. You have a 1 year Samsung warranty. Scanning the internet blogs, it sounds like they can turn your phone around in 2 to 3 weeks.

Alternatively, you could purchase a used Sprint phone off of Craigslist or eBay priced anywhere from $10 to hundreds of dollars and Sprint will activate it for you for free. Do note, that even if you had insurance, you may have had to pay a deductible.

Right now, it sounds like you're mad. While that may be an appropriate response, it won't get you anywhere towards solving your predicament. When someone is mad at someone else, the other person has a harder time listening, empathizing or thinking clearly. Communication between both parties fails, there is a lack of understanding and comprehension, and grid-lock ensues.

Maybe your problem is your fault; maybe it is Sprint's. But if you want to solve it, you'll have better luck by using a moderate, non-threatening tone (speak softly) when speaking with customer service types. Additionally, the approach of trying to get credits, offsets, refunds and so on because "it's not my fault and you owe me for my inconvenience", is a losing strategy, IMHO. When successful, it takes a long time, you'll never get what you really want, and you'll be angrier than when you started!

If you get no where with Sprint, then solve your own problem using one of the alternatives I noted above.  You need a phone right?


Re: Made a fool of


I've sent your experience on to my contacts here at corporate headquarters for investigation. They my want to contact you for additional details.  If they do, I will private messge you with what contact details I need.




Re: Made a fool of

What finally happened with your situation? I'm going through the same thing. It's so emotionally draining, YOU JUST WANT TO SCREAM. Thanks, Tim


Re: Made a fool of

Sprint has acknowledge that I have a dropped call history since 3/26 due to tower upgrades, after speaking with several supervisors on Saturday who were mostly rude I finally got to speak to someone who I thought could help me.  I re-activated my old blackberry to see if it was a network issue and not just my nexus, which it was.  After speaking to two supervisors today one who blew up on my husband for asking what warrants an etf waiver we were told to hold on for his supervisor to call us back.  He did and felt that with all of my dropped call history we were still at an acceptable rate in order to not waive our etf and by telling us that tower upgrades will be complete by the 14th we cannot get out of our etf.  Now I am waiting to hear back from another supervisor who escalated my call further up the ladder.  So after complaints filed with the BBB FTC FCC and countless "supervisors" I still have a phone that doesn't work

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