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Selling old sprint phone


Selling old sprint phone

Ok so with tmobile i can take my sim card out and just sell my phone.  With sprint I can't afford to keep my phones active so I decided to sell my phone and just cancel my account.  After talking to 2 reps they told me after 45 days of suspension, i can sell my phones. So i did....Christmas day the people i sold my phones to said they were not able to activate their "gifts" due to my account being unpaid.  So I talk to another rep and he says the esn cannot be cleared until the bill is paid.  I am guessing if i wanted to use another phone to swap and have the esn cleared on the phone i sold it would not work because my account is suspended right? So now these expensive phones I fully paid for has no use at all.  WTF. Thats why tmobile and other companies that use SIM cards are so much more hassle-free.  This is just how sprint keeps ripping off people. Never use sprint again.

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