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Spending limit and bill?


Spending limit and bill?

I just sign up with Sprint on a spending limit of $150 per month. Which I knew going in. When I log into my account which I just started today 5-8-13 it says something about a bill of $-149.99 due now. What the heck is that? I know it says - does that mean its a credit of that amount or do I have to pay that right now? I have no idea why I have to pay that if I just started the service. Also I am under the everything plan at $79 a month with my new HTC one phone. I still get all the goodies like unlimited data, text etc even though I am on the Limited Spending Plan correct?



Re: Spending limit and bill?


I'd like to review your bill for clarification. Please send me a private message with your Sprint phone number, account PIN, and copy/paste the URL at the top of this thread for reference.


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