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Starting new service ordered on DEPOSit???


Starting new service ordered on DEPOSit???

I just started to place an order for the phone 4 on I entered all my information SSN- BDay-etc...etc... I went through all the steps of choosing a username and phone number (area code) Now comes the part to enter my credit card and shipping info.. It says my total due is $107 does this mean that I will not have to pay a deposit? or when will I find out if I will have to pay a deposit. THANKS

BTW this is my first time getting sprint service


Re: Starting new service ordered on DEPOSit???

Depending on your credit score you will be contacted if you need to pay a deposit? Is this your first time getting post-paid cell service?


Re: Starting new service ordered on DEPOSit???

If you haven't heard anything yet and want we to look at pending orders I have a method of doing that. I am a Sprint employee and will be sending you a private message. If you click on the YOUR STUFF and go down to private messages you will be able to view and respond with the info I need.


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