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[UPDATE] Can I stop the Premium Text Charges but not the short codes?


Re: [UPDATE] Can I stop the Premium Text Charges but not the short codes?

A Premium Text Messaging keyword is a unique string of text that helps you interact with ashort code or Premium Text Messaging service.

For example: Text HELP to 466453 (Google).

In this example, HELP is the keyword and 466453 is the short code.

Texting Google is a Premium Text Message - FREE

- - - - - - - -

Premium Text Messaging is a service that allows you to use your phone bill as a payment method for services received via text messages. Common examples of these services are:

    • Alerts: News, weather, stock quotes, horoscopes
    • Sports: NASCAR, MLB
    • Voting or polling: Trivia, prize games
    • Interactive TV: Deal or No Deal, Big Brother, Survivor
    • Interactive radio: Song requests
    • Text 2 Screen: Display special greetings on your TV
    • Mobile marketing: Coupons, sales alerts
    • Fundraising: Donate to Red Cross

AGAIN, Not ALL Premium Text Messages have CHARGES associated with them.

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