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Warranty Replacement


Re: Warranty Replacement

This is complete BS!  Why is sprint now charging to warranty something thats under warranty?  Because they want you to buy their protection plans!?!?! To make matters worse I was never informed of the $35 fee and got stuck with it on my bill after having them warranty my 4 month old (under warranty) phone through the mail.  Right now I am going to go and file a complaint with the attorney gen and FCC as this is total crap.  I suggest and hope you all will do the same!


Re: Warranty Replacement

yep its true I have a htc hero that is only 3 months old that just stoped working last night took it to a sprint repair facility and they said they could fix or replace it for $35 since i didnt have their insurance I shouldnt have to have their insurance the phone has a one year warranty and right now Im laid off work and barley scraping by didnt have the 35 bucks so asked them to bill it to my account which has a monthy spend limt of $250 and they said they couldnt repair had to be cash check or credit, So sprint sells htc products but refuses to honor the manufacture warranty complete bull so like i said im laid off didnt have the extar 35 cash right now i have over 150 job applications out right now with my cell number on it and I just had to mail my phone off to htc warranty repair and im told to be expected to be with out it from 2 to 4 weeks


Re: Warranty Replacement

Ah I see, when all else fails; attack the customers that are filling your partially empty glass. Very well, have a good weekend.

Re: Warranty Replacement

To clarify about "when people ask": Most people have never had to bring their phone into a repair store. Those who have, may ask about the change in policy, that is what I was referring to. As usual, those who don't like the change will always see the worst in a change even a change that to eveyone else would be a comp[lete positive with no downsides, there are people who will find something to complain about. If you want to read into a comment that is explaining exactly what people were asking about and how it speaks volumes because you are reading into it without context, you are simply grasping for something to complain about. This is also what helps when trying to spread FUD (Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt) and misinformation around on the Internet. Most Internet users have no idea what to believe and will believe anything they are told because they don't want to go do their own research. A perfect example of this is the sheer number of uninformed people that still install task killers on current Android devices. They find a post from someone who is misinformed and they just take it as fact, they do no further research for possibly updated information that may contradict that.

I'm a glass empty type of person (not half empty, completely empty), but with the posts I see on the Internet about things (not just here, but on the Internet in general), I'm truly surprised. The feeling of anonymity the Internet provides (news flash, you are not anonymous at any time online, every page you visit has your unique IP address appointed by your service provider and linked to you at that time), means that people will post anything they think at any time without thinking about how it will be taken.


Re: Warranty Replacement

OK - wait a minute here!!!!

1. If Sprint made this change at contract time and informed me of it then - then I would agree that I am getting what I paid for.  But they made the change in mid-contract and I have no recourse.

2. The ability to get out of the contract (even if they gave it to me) would not be acceptable because I have made a $900 investment in 5 phones earlier this year - that are probably worth $300 on the open market today.  So I would still be $600 down.

3. Insurance on phones is the biggest ripoff known to man (worse than the cost of inkjet ink).  Let's see, for $35 per month, I can insure my 5 phones - or I can buy several hundred thousand dollars in life insurance.  Instead of forcing people to pay for an unreasonably priced service (insurance) by make the alternative (no insurance) just as unreasonable - why not just be reasonable in the first place:

  1. If you need to charge for a replacement - make it less painful - say $9.99.

  2. Institute a family plan for insurance.

  3. Only make changes to the services provided at contract time - so the customer has recourse.

  4. Provide a customer "bill of rights" rather than the legalese in the contract - and live by it.

Stop tying to tell your customer base that a negative is actually a positive.  In addition to making us all angry - you insult our intelligence.

Just come clean and tell us you needed to meet next quarter's number for Wall Street so you had to suck more blood out of your loyal customers.

BTW - I still say to complain to BBB.ORG....



Re: Warranty Replacement

I can apperciate you towing the company line, but Sprint accepted the responsibility of being the "middle man" when they started promoting, selling and placing their LOGO on the front of the phones they are requiring people to use on Sprint's network. They are now shirking that responsibility.

Your admittance that you only explain "when people ask"  speaks volumes. I too would not want to explain that to anyone up front.

Another question is, what type of web security defaults a display name to a customer account login that can be seen across the Internet?


Re: Warranty Replacement

Thank you for posting that clear informative post, That is exactly what I have been fighting to get Sprint to do. Sprint needs to state that information on their Service & Repair page.

Question, Are you stating that after we pay for a repair we will be offered to purchase Ins? That would be great, Would be better if they done another "Open Enrollment" so the change wouldn't seem like such a blow to some.

Re: Warranty Replacement

I would like to point out that Sprint directly does not warranty phones, the manufacturer does. In the past (3 years ago when I started) Sprint did not cover warranty repairs in the service stores at all. There were repair fees for everything, and if you wanted it covered under warranty you wnet through the manufacturer. That policy was changed to allow in-warranty repairs in store without a repair fee (A year or so ago). That is now being changed again similar to how it was before.

From our retail notices about what we explain when people ask:

With the change in S&R policy, in-warranty repairs will be charged a $35 convenience fee.

  • For this fee, customers can get quick resolution in a store for incidents like: mechanical/electrical failure, defects, wear and tear, and physical damage. 
  • After the repair or exchange, offer to add TEP to their account so they can eliminate future repair fees. 

Be sure to explain the following to the customer:

  • OEMs typically offer limited warranties only for manufacturer defects. 
    • Signs of physical damage or wear and tear will often void the warranty.
  • OEM damage assessment is stricter than Sprint’s assessment.
  • Customer will be without their handset for 10-15 days while the OEM assessment takes place.
  • Customer will have to pay to ship the device back to the OEM.
  • If the device issue is deemed outside of their warranty, the OEM could reject or also charge a repair fee.
  • If you need them, the OEM phone numbers are located at:

If you have TEP the only thing that changes for you is that some physical damage like a cracked screen or loose port are now covered in store whereas before you would have been classified under physical damage with a $99/$119 deductible in store or a claim through Asurion for $50/$100. The $55/$99/$119 charges  that Sprint had previously for different issues are all disappearing and just being replaced by the single flat $35 repair fee.

So essentially the advantages of having TEP are now that the warranty is covered in store, and the repair fee is waived for all other issues. Some things that previously would have been cheaper to go through Asurion for (cracked screen, loose port, etc.) are now covered in store as well free. For those without TEP warranty issues now have a repair fee in store, but there is only one $35 fee (not 4 like previously, $35/55/99/119) and you do not need to send it back to the manufacturer. Things like broken screens, loose ports, etc. now fall under that single $35 fee instead of potentially being $119 like before.

The warranty is still there and valid, but Sprint is no longer going to be a middle man in between doing the repair and then passing the repair fee onto the manufacturer instead.


Re: Warranty Replacement

It's not the "Repair" policy change that is bothersome, It's the "In Store Warranty" change/charge($35) that is the issue and that Sprint has not officially stated anything about. And has avoided placing anything on this page( stating it. The Repair policy change is great, But at least acknowledge the In Store Warranty change some place in writing to avoid/clear up the confusion this has started.
They have clumped the In Store Warranty & Repair changes together, But have avoided stating anyting at all about the warranty change in writing.

Are there any basic requirements of the Warranty Act?
Yes. Written warranties must:
◦Be noted as either "full" or "limited"
◦State certain specified information about the coverage of your warranty in a single, clear, and easy-to-read document
◦Be available where the warranted consumer products are sold, so that consumers can read them before buying

Re: Sprint Charging for Warranty Replacement

I am having the exact same issue with Sprint. Sprint has decided to take no ownership of the phones they promote and sell. Sprint now sees the poor reliability of the phones they sell and promote as way to increase revenue. For someone to say that Sprint charging customer’s for Warranty work on Sprint’s phones is some how a benefit to Sprint’s customers is a farce and you have to wonder where such a person’s loyalties lie.