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Who should I mail/email this complain to?


Who should I mail/email this complain to?

To Whom It May Concern,

This will be may last attempt to have my issues resolved before I pursue these matters with the FCC, PUC and State Attorney Generals office.

My first issue is with the $35 activation fee charged to my account for each of my new phones. I have been a Sprint or Nextel customer since 1999. To charge me to activate phones to an existing account is egregious.

My second issue concerns the battery life of my two iphones that I purchased from SPRINT not Apple. The poor performance of the battery makes the phone almost unusable as a smart phone. I have contacted Sprint on three occasions about this issue and have been given the run around and excuses and told “Apple is working on it”. I can think of no other business where this would be an acceptable answer to a customer complaint.

The third and most pressing issue is with the data speeds on my two Iphone 4s. I am aware this issue is being worked on as well as I have contacted Sprint on three occasions to remedy this problem. I have used Speedtest to check the speed at my home, on my commute and at my workplace and the speeds are very, very poor. Considering you are charging me a $10 premium data feed in addition to my plan just makes this even more outrageous. With every other utility I have done business with I have never been told “we are working on it” without a resolution date and a refund for service not provided.

I have spent too much of my time on the phone or in chat with customer service dealing with these issues already.

Here is how I would like to see my issues resolved.

  • •1. Refund the two $35 activation fees to my account.
  • •2. Credit my account some reasonable amount of money for lack of battery life or provide me with some sort of backup portable battery back.
  • •3. Credit my account for the poor data speeds some reasonable amount of money. Last month I was offered $17 which I do not feel was a fair amount. Release me from my two year contract with Sprint, so I have a CHOICE to wait and see if you can improve the Iphone 4s battery life and data speeds. I feel that this issue is particularly important as I feel like this is a perfect example of Sprint abuse of ETF to keep customers despite poor service.

Who should I mail/email this complain to?

you paid the activation fee  get over it.    nothing  entitles you  to anything for free.......

Apple made the product  get upset with them.   lets  be real  the only reason you purchased and iphone is because it says apple on it.....   other phones  out that are way better than iphones.

some  iphone users  experience slow  data  speeds,  some don't,   could be a phone issue  or a network issue  

@sprintphone/jonlever  or what ever  you are calling yourself today.     go back to att and stay there  that way i know  your not using up  valuable bandwidth...........


Who should I mail/email this complain to?

Hello dizzlespr, first off I would like to thank you for your business for the last 10+ years and apologize for the recent frustrations you have experienced. I work in 2nd/3rd tier tech support at Sprint. As such I have a good understanding of the technical aspects of our service, but do not have any monitary flexability. I cannot even take payments. If it is okay with you, I would like to get a care rep in touch with you to discuss the fees that you were obviously surprised about.

Now to your iPhone's battery life. As you are well aware, Apple maintains complete control of the iOS ecosystem. In many aspects, this has been the secret of their success. Apple did acknowledge a software bug, with respect to their battery algorithyms, in iOS version 5.0.0 which is why less then a month later Apple released the 5.0.1 update If you haven't already, I would recommend you update your iPhone to 5.0.1. You can check which version is on your iPhone by tapping Settings > General > About. (If you haven't discovered already, the blue text is links to further instructions).

Typical battey life for the iPhone is in the range of 6-14 hours. If you are on iOS 5.0.1 and are still having battery issues, there are a several things you can try:

  • Disable location settings (Settings > Location Services)
  • Disable push notifications (Settings > Notifications)
  • Fetch data less frequently and/or turn off push mail (Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars)

You will find more tips to increase battery life at and additional information about the iPhone batteries at

URLs for links above

Sprint Product Ambassador

Who should I mail/email this complain to?

((moved to Customer Service space so a Care agent may be able to respond appropriately))

Product Ambassador, long time Sprint employee

Who should I mail/email this complain to?

lol, good luck man!

But sorry to upset you but Sprint isnt going to do anything for you.  I've been fighting with executive support for almost 2 months now, (since launch date) they will occasionally credit me the 10 dollars... whoo hoo right?  They think that its sufficient to be stuck in a super fail service.  they keep saying "well your phone portion works fine"  but seriously, who uses a smart phone for the phone portion?! 

Sprint has been nothing but a let down, and I had hoped so much to like them!   

But maybe this just goes to show that it makes sense why Sprint is in 3rd place out of the 3 carriers....  Other people just learned the truth faster than us.


Re: Who should I mail/email this complain to?

First thing that u have to understand. Sprint made a bad choice by  letting the IPhone goes into their network.......OK, that's happened!  They thought that they will be ok to handle it n the fact that they  couldn't, another bad decision........but...I said here but........Sprint was getting the IPhone to get the Apple fanlunatic  fullfillness their hunger.......even though it cost them more than they expected,........they try to fix it, but u also have to understand if  the progress when u had to fix something wouldn't be done as a finger  snap or as u blink ur eye!!! Just be patient......people made a bad  decision including Sprint. But as long as they tried to work on their  mistake, we should appreciate it. And when u said about letting u go of  the 2 years contract without ETF, who do you think that will pay the  rest of the IPhone cost that u already use?? U stuck on 2 years contract  because Sprint have to get their money back to cover the expenses of  the cost of the IPhone to Apple.............just hope u understand,   think like if u r on their shoe.........


Re: Who should I mail/email this complain to?

I removed posts from this thread that seem to be more about taunting each other than helping anything. If you haven't, please reveiw the Community Guidelines.  Please be kind to each other.




Re: Who should I mail/email this complain to?

Thanks for the advice all,

but what I am looking for is an actual email address to send my complaint to before I file a formal complaint with the FCC and PUC.

I have been given the sprint runaround like most of you have so now I am taking it to someone else.

Those of you who are suffering the same problem should take action as well, don't let sprint just give you excuses.


Re: Who should I mail/email this complain to?


I think even daisy_sweet would agree that it was more playful banter than anything else... unless one of us comlained why do you make the decision that it is "taunting".

I'm not upset with daisy sweet, and I dont think he/she is upset with me....  atelast I hope not.

Dizzlespr, I am also one week or so away from opening an FCC complaint as well... they wont let me out of my contract and I litterally can not do anything on my phone.  It feels like robbery to me!


Re: Who should I mail/email this complain to?

Don't worry....I am not mad!!!! People being more rude to me all the I am ok!!! Have a wonderful holiday u all....n good luck to u!!

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