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Wrong number or Code?


Wrong number or Code?

Hi I am trying to call a friend who is also a Sprint customer. I haven't talked to them in a while and I called today, only to receive a message like "The number or code you have dialed is incorrect." It then repeats in Spanish and says something like "message 7 switch 618"

I have been told conflicting info... as to this may be a tech issue with their phone, to the possibility that the number has been changed/disconnected. Someone suggested they may be blocking calls, or have their number on call forward etc.   Can someone please help?

I know when they have no coverage it says the person is "not available or traveled outside the coverage area".  And if it ws disconnected, I would THINK it would say something like "the number you have dialed is no longer in service".  I really don't know what is up, and I'm trying to figure out. If it is an issue with my friend's phone/service, I would try calling back later/tomorrow. But if the service is disconnected, there's no point in bothering and just waiting till they contact me.

I really hope someone has the answer for me. I've gotten so many conflicting messages.

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Re: Wrong number or Code?

That message comes from a telephone network switch.

I get it from time to time.

Try adding a 1+ to their number (1-913-555-1212)

Or, try removing the 1+ from their number.

Try the call at a different time of day.

Try the call from a different location in your home town.

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