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customer service complaint


customer service complaint

I have a customer service ( if that is what you can even call it) complaint about a store. Where do I go? I talked to the customer service rep on the phone and she told me to lodge a formal complaint becuase the lack of service and attitude I recieved from the gentlemen working was beyond unacceptable.  However, I do not know where to go to lodge a formal complaint.

Thank you for any help.


Re: customer service complaint


I apologize for the lack of courtesy and professionalism that you have received at a store location. The phone representative was correct in stating that you could lodge a formal complaint. You can contact Dan@sprint.comto reach our executive offices to file a complaint, or I would be glad to file the complaint for you. Just send me a private message with the information about the store and the rep and of course the service. Again I apologize that you have had such an unpleasant experience.


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