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how do I block a 12 digit phone number?


how do I block a 12 digit phone number?

have been getting unwanted calls from twelve digit phone numbers  late at night (as best I can tell from country code for mobile numbers in  Saudi Arabia/uae if the number shows correctly, however the caller ID lists them as coming from Oregon.  the country code is 97155).  is there a way to block all inbound international calls and or at least block these specific 12 digit ones?  I tried online but it only takes 10 digit calls.  please help, it is very disconcerting.  I answered one call tonight and the person spoke Accented English.  it was clearly an adult male, who did not quite understand that he is calling the wrong number. I hope. he would not tell me the number he was trying to reach and I was not willing to give out my number.  my husband has a katana, I have an lg flip phone with keyboard. they are Stone Age old and do not use apps.

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