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One ringy dingy...WiFi Calling


What’s cool about Wi-Fi Calling?

Ordinarily, cell phone calls require a connection to the cellular network, and can’t be made if you’re outside of a coverage area. In recent years, that has begun to change. A lot of newer phones now support a feature called “Wi-Fi Calling”. Once activated, Wi-Fi Calling allows you to make phone calls over selected Wi-Fi networks the same way that you would on your phone. Since your Wi-Fi router is generally closer than the nearest Sprint tower, it also uses less power and can improve battery life. Sprint’s device support page has simulations for how to set up Wi-Fi Calling on your device. Here’s how to Activate Wi-Fi Calling on the Samsung Galaxy S 5.image1.png

How much does it cost?

Absolutely nothing! Wi-Fi Calling doesn’t even use the talk time minutes on your Sprint plan. You can use Wi-Fi Calling to talk as long as you like while you’re within range of a router.

What if I leave home or leave where the router is located?

If you move away from your Wi-Fi network while using Wi-Fi calling, your phone will drop the call and then reach out to the Sprint network. You can then call the person back over the Sprint network as normal. Because of this, it’s a good idea to finish the call before you leave (unless you really don't like the other person...LOL), but if you forget, you can always call the person back once your phone connects to the Sprint network.

Does Wi-Fi Calling work with any router?

Wi-Fi calling requires a data speed of at least 1Mbps, and you will need to connect to a nearby Wi-Fi network. If the network is secure, you might need to know the network’s security key. The default key for a Wi-Fi network is sometimes printed on the router. It’s the same password that a computer uses to connect to the Wi-Fi network. If you’re unsure of the password for a Wi-Fi network, you should contact the network’s administrator. A lot of businesses have free Wi-Fi you can use (i.e. Starbucks, Panera, etc.). Here’s how to connect to a Wi-Fi network on the Galaxy S 5.

Is there anything else I need to know about Wi-Fi calling?

To use Wi-Fi calling you need to enable the GPS setting on your device. GPS is enabled most of the time anyway, but if it isn’t, turning GPS on is rather easy. There are simulations on Sprint’s device support page for enabling or disabling GPS. Here’s how to enable GPS on the Samsung Galaxy S 5.

Any other questions?

If you want to learn more about Wi-Fi Calling, check out Sprint’s FAQ page on the subject.

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