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SOLUTION: How to Add a Device to Sprint's database - BYOD/Incompatible with Brand Errors


 More than likely you are seeing this because the device's ESN is not in Sprint's database or for some reason usually due to long inactivity it has been removed. If this is the case then the ESN will need to be added into the system by an agent creating a "ticket". This process can take up to 3 days to take care of depending on what information is left out etc.


This thread is being created to help walk you through the steps for adding a device and what to expect. First and foremost the agents in here will need to verify if the device in question is compatible with Sprints network. You can do a precheck on your own to see if your device will be compatible by going here Bring Your Own Device FAQs. The provided link will also run you through some other goodies like questions/answers to some of the main things that are usually asked.


 This link Is My Phone Eligible for BYOD with Sprint? provides the info on which devices are able to be added to Sprints database (If you are still debating a certain device and do not have the IMEI for it, this would be the best way to see if it is even a possibility). These are the confirmed devices. A newer device might be available to be added that is not on the list but this will need confirmation from the agents on the site here.


 When attempting to add a device to the Sprint Database, a Sprint rep will need the following information from you;

  • MEID
  • Phone number swapping the device to (if you already have an existing acct)
  • account PIN

DO NOT SHARE THE ABOVE in a public thread, only share this information with a Sprint Rep via Private Message. 


Pick a rep with a Sprint Employee badge, click their username and look for the big yellow button that says "Send a Message" to initiate a Private Message.


Please contact only one agent. Attempting to contact more than one will not only slow down the process but can and more than likely WILL end up canceling the request.


Keep in mind if for some reason you end up getting a replacement device NOT from Sprint you will more than likely need to go through this process yet again to get the devices info into the database. EXAMPLE- You own a Nexus 5X and something goes amiss..You end up getting a replacement from Google..The new device is not in Sprint's database so now it must be added in the same way the previous device was added.

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