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SOLUTION: How to activate a new phone

Sprint makes it simple to swap your old phone for a new one.


Before you get started, it's a good idea to back up device contacts and content.  Make sure your new phone's battery is charged


  • Ensure both your new phone and the old one are powered off
  • Go to from a laptop or desktop computer
  • Sign in to My Sprint with an authorized username and password
  • Select your device or number from the 'New device to activate' area.  
  • Back up your device content and contacts if necessary.  click 'Continue'
  • If your new phone is displayed, confirm it and continue.  If the info displayed does not match your new phone,  enter device identifier info: (DEC, HEX or IMEI). 
  • Review your plan choice and add-ons (this is a great time to add TEP if you don't already have it)
  • Click Activate
  • Power on, set up your new phone, make a test call, and check that data is active


If you encounter an error message at any point during the activation you may be able to chat for assistance. When chat is available, you should see a 'CHAT' bubble on the right hand side of the window.


Watch our short video on the activation process


If you are having issues with your service after you activate, please see Activation Issues: Unable to make calls, send text or use data.


If you are still unable to make calls, send texts or use data, you can create a message in our Problem Solvers forum where you can ask for help or chat with an agent at


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