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Samsung Galaxy Note9 (SM-N960U) - Can't complete screen security after installing ETF3



In rare cases, users that installed version ETF3 may be unable to enter their security screen lock credentials immediately after power-up.  The display appears to be zoomed out abnormally.




This behavior will be fixed in the next available software release. The issue occurs only when the device had the following settings in place prior to installing ETF3:
-Screen resolution set to WQHD+
-Screen lock is ON (Pattern, PIN, Password)
-Secure startup is ON

Please attempt the following temporary workaround(s):
1. Perform a simulated battery pull:
-Start with the device powered ON
-Press and hold both Volume Down (-) and Power buttons until the device restarts (~10 seconds)
-The Lock Screen should return to normal resolution so that the device may be unlocked
-Follow preventative steps at the bottom of this document
2. Attempt to unlock using Find My Mobile:
-Navigate to and log in with the Samsung account username and password attached to the device
-On the left sidebar menu, select the device to be unlocked
-After selecting the device, a panel will appear on the right side of the map window

-Select Unlock to unlock the device
-Follow preventative steps at the bottom of this document

  1. As a last resort, complete a factory data reset (removes all personal information) only if the user is positive they remember the Google credentials that were in use on the device.
    -Start with the device powered OFF
    -Press and hold the Volume UP and Power keys simultaneously for several seconds
    -Release the buttons once Android Recovery Mode is visible
    -Using the Volume keys to navigate, scroll to Wipe data/factory reset
    -Press the Power key to commit the request
    -The device should restart after several minutes into the setup wizard screen as if the device were new out-of-box
    -Proceed with activation flow

    To prevent this issue from recurring until a permanent fix is deployed, advise impacted user to either:
    1. Avoid using screen resolution of WQHD+ and select any other option
    2. Turn secure startup OFF


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