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UPDATE: Samsung Galaxy S10/10+ Model Roaming/LTE Issues


4/18/2019 Update:


Please see New Info Available about this issue here: SOLUTION: (Updated) Concerns with GS10e/GS10/GS10+ roaming or poor data



4/12/2019 UPDATE: As always, Sprint and Samsung continue to closely monitor concerns about intermittent or total loss of voice or data with the Samsung Galaxy S10, S10+, and S10e handsets.  There will be a software release available on Tuesday, April 16th that will prevent the device from experiencing intermittent voice or data.  Please update your device as soon as this release becomes available.




  • Sprint and Samsung are receiving a small number of reports about unexpected roaming, data loss, or voice issues on the Galaxy S10 models.
    • This is affecting Galaxy S10e, S10 and S10+ phones.
  • Software Version ASC8 was released on 3/27/19 for customers to download. 
    • The new software should prevent the issue from happening.
    • A small number of devices may be not be recoverable.  Devices that are not recoverable will not acquire LTE or will continue to have intermittent LTE connectivity after the software update. See below for actions to take.


  • Always ensure basic device troubleshooting steps are completed. These steps include but are not limited to:
    • PRL update
    • Profile Update
    • Software update
    • Power cycle
    • Factory data reset
  • If the device is experiencing intermittent Voice/Data loss, ensure the phone has been updated to Software Version ASC8.  This should alleviate the issue.
    • If the troubleshooting efforts result in the device reacquiring and maintaining LTE then it does not need to be exchanged.
  • If the device just stays in permanent Voice and/or Data loss, updating the software will not help.  There is no troubleshooting workaround to fix this.
    • If you have a device that is in permanent Voice/Data loss, you will need to exchange the device per normal policies. 
  • For users who exchange devices, please check to be sure that the new handset is updated to the most recent Software (ASC8) and data is working prior to leaving the store.
  • If the troubleshooting efforts result in the device being able to acquire and maintaining LTE then it does not need to be exchanged
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