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UPDATE: Samsung Galaxy S8 "No LTE" after Pie (DSC1) OS Install

Sprint and Samsung are investigating complaints that some devices in the Galaxy S8 family are unable to connect to LTE following the DSC1 (Android Pie) update. For now, the software update has been placed on hold and cannot be downloaded.  The software update will be released once more when the issues with it have been corrected. 


Affected devices should still have access to 3G and WIFI for data. Sprint and Samsung are putting a high priority on resolving this issue but we don’t currently have an expected date of resolution.


Can I back out the software update and/or downgrade to a lower version of Android?

No, unfortunately, it isn't possible to back out an update once installed.


Will disabling bands in my phone fix this issue?

Please do not disable any bands on your device.  Not only does this not serve as a workaround for the current issue but disabling bands can have other unforeseen effects on your phone.


Can I have my device replaced?

GS8s in this condition should still have access to 3G and you should be able to use WiFi as well.  However, if you are in need of an LTE working model, you may contact Samsung or visit a Sprint S&R location for replacement options. Please note: If your device is no longer under warranty and you do not have Sprint Complete, you may be subject to a replacement fee.


We'll communicate more information as it becomes available. Feel free to join in on or stay up to date in this discussion: Galaxy S8 Data Issues following Pie Update


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