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Question I've been a Sprint customer for a long time but I'm confused. I see that you used to offer people an Airave when they were having service issues and now it looks like you're offering people a Magic Box instead.  Is Magic Box just a new name for Airave? If not, what's the difference?  I tend to drop calls in my house pretty often, so I'm wondering if one of these could help me.  Answer The Airave and the Sprint Magic Box are two different devices. Airave devices provide enhanced voice and 3G coverage for your phone. It uses your existing broadband internet connection to route calls back to our network. Airaves are designed for use in single-family homes or apartments. The Sprint Magic Box boosts your LTE data signal and speeds. It provides a faster, more reliable data experience inside your home and can even help your neighbors with their LTE speed (without costing you any of yours).   In short: Airave primarily assists in boosting signal for voice while Sprint Magic Box is for boosting data. Since you're having issues with dropped calls, the Airave would be a better solution. We're preparing to roll out a new generation of Airaves that also boost LTE data.  Stay tuned to your Sprint Community for more information.  In the meantime, most phones currently offer WiFi Calling, which boosts voice signal through the use of your home WiFi.     Check out our FAQs about the Sprint Airave  More info about Sprint Magic Box Magic Box Support Center   Have more questions? Click here to start a new thread or join an existing one
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