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In some cases, it may be necessary to perform a factory reset on the Coolpad Tracker if basic troubleshooting does not resolve an issue. Be aware that the Coolpad Tracker and the handset being used with it must be active on the same account. That account must not have more than 50 active lines already.  Additionally, the Tracker only works on Sprint 4G Networks in the US. This product is not available in PR or VI. 
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Some users report that initially, their Tracker seems to remain with a yellow light while on the charger for an extended period of time
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When setting up the Tracker and attempting to scan the QR code, some users are reporting an error message which states "Error Pairing Tracker".
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In some cases, the Tracker may report "not responding" within the Safe and Found application.
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After performing a ##BRAND# the handset may appear unable to connect to the internet.    This can be identified by an exclamation point in the signal bar indicator or appear as repeated connection attempts to access the internet.
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Symptoms  While going through the initial activation screens either immediately out-of-box or after completing a factory data reset, some users may repeatedly see prompts to connect to Wi-Fi even in known good coverage areas.     Solution   Please advise users to perform initial activation over Wi-Fi instead of LTE.    It might take the handset up to 5 minutes to fully process all files which are needed to complete activation once connected to Wi-Fi.    LTE data connection works as expected once activation is completed.
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