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 Introduction: This document is intended to guide support of the GearVR with controller (Model SM-R325) for customers who have concerns related to compatibility with Galaxy Note9 devices.   Topic: Due to the increased size of the Galaxy Note9 device, a new Type C adapter is required for compatibility with the GearVR with controller (Model SM-R325). Existing owners of Model SM-R325 may contact Samsung at 1-800-Samsung to order a new adapter to use their Galaxy Note9 device with the existing GearVR with controller. Note: Please have purchase information, including the GearVR model number and serial number available before calling for assistance. The GearVR serial number and model number are located on the inside of the GearVR device as pictured below.   Setting Up the New Adapter:   FAQs Question: I have the GearVR with controller (Model SM-R325); is it compatible with my Galaxy Note9 device? Answer: Yes. Galaxy Note9 is compatible with your existing GearVR, but a new Type-C adapter is required due to the increased size of the Galaxy Note9 device. You can order a new adapter by contacting 1-800-Samsung. Question: I tried to use my Galaxy Note9 device in my GearVR (Model SM-R325) but it won’t work with my existing setup; what do I need to do? Answer: A new Type-C adapter is required to use Galaxy Note9 with existing GearVR (Model SM-R325) accessories.   Question: Is there a cost for the new adapter? Answer: No. Current GearVR (Model SM-R325) owners can obtain the new adapter at no cost by contacting 1-800-Samsung. Question: How long will it take to get my new adapter? Answer: Replacement adapters are sent via standard shipping options. Normal shipping times can vary but you can expect to receive the replacement adapter in 7 to 10 business days.   Question: Can I pick up the adapter at my local retail store? Answer: At this time the only way to secure the new Type C adapter is directly through 1-800-Samsung.          
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