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Symptoms  Mobile Hotspot subscribers are unable to use the service immediately after installing the latest SW version BRH5.  An error pop-up suggesting the service is not subscribed will be presented.                   Solution   This behavior will be permanently addressed in an upcoming software release.  Please do not hard reset or attempt to replace the device for this issue.  No account modifications necessary to resolve:   Users impacted need to connect to the Sprint Network and complete a ##SCRTN# (##72786#).  This does not remove any personal data from the device.                 The device will power cycle and reconnect to the system and now allow the Mobile Hotspot service to function properly.
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Symptoms   The toggle for Hot Spot is nowhere to be found in Settings.  A buddy of mine has an S8+ and I confirmed that his phone shows it.  He actually has a couple options that I'm missing (e.g. Wi-Fi Calling), but the only one I really care about is Hot Spot.   Diagnosis Sprint branded apps may not properly load at initial installation and provisioning.  As a result, certain apps including Hot Spot and WiFi calling may be missing. Solution From the device phone dialer, tap ##BRAND#  The device may ask to confirm reset.  Please tap OK or confirm.  Your device will restart at least one time and walk through over the air activation.   This process will reload the Sprint app package as well as network settings.  No personal data should be affected.  This should restore missing hot spot and WiFi Calling toggles.    Be advised: this process may restore some applications to your home screen that you had previously removed.  It's safe to delete the icons again once the reset has completed
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