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Question  My phone is lost, how do I find it with Android Device Manager? If I discover that someone has stolen it, is there a way to protect my information?     Answer   If you have enabled it, Android Device Manager makes it easy to locate, lock or erase a lost device.  You can even have the device make a sound (great if it might be stuck between couch cushions).   Check out Google's Support article for very good information, but here are some of the basics. Important! In order for Find My Device to work you must have: Your device linked to your Google account The device powered on Location services on and your device visible in Google Play Connected to a mobile data network or WiFi Find My Device turned on Find my Android:   - Use your Google credentials to log into Android Device Manager  - If you have more than one device, select the lost phone from the list on the left.   A Google Map of your device's location will be displayed on the right.  If the battery is dead, the phone has been turned off or is out of range of a data connection, Google may not return a location or may only return your device's last location,   Once you have located your device, you may have some other options: Play a sound Lock your device, requiring your PIN or screen pattern to unlock.  If you have not set a PIN you can do so here. You can also add a recovery number so a person who finds your phone could contact it, Erase all data.  This will clear all the data on the phone. Only use this step if you believe the phone has been stolen or that you'll be unable to recover it.  Once you've erased all data, Find My Device will not work for this device until you have found the phone and linked it to your Google account again,  If you do not have a Google account already set up on the phone, you can only reset the screen lock by performing a Hardware Factory Reset to erase the phone. (A factory reset will result in the loss of all data stored on the device including 3rd party applications.   *** If you are looking for the steps to find a missing iPhone or other Apple device, please see Apple's Find My iPhone page ***  
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