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Customers may report their device will not register/work on VoLTE.  Others may state there is no VoLTE icon in the Status bar.  As 5G is only available when VoLTE is working, users may also report this as a loss of 5G.
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Some Sprint users may report their Samsung handset is randomly unable to attach to LTE data or is stuck on 3G data in areas of good coverage.
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Some users report the iris scanner fails to register new entries after installing software version G965USQU2ARE6.  A blank screen could be seen instead of the expected eye alignment screen during setup.
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Symptoms     Diagnosis  Some users are reporting "Unable to install all contents 1 code: 400" appear repeatedly. Solution The root cause is actively under investigation and devices should not be replaced based on this behavior. Follow these steps to resolve:   Ensure handset is on Sprint mobile data (not Wi-Fi) Open phone dialer and enter ##BRAND# and select YES.  This will resend the ID payload to the handset without removing any personal data.  If the handset is in weak Sprint coverage or if the error returns, please to move to a location in good Sprint network coverage and try again. If ##BRAND# does not resolve the behavior and error 400 continues to appear, perform a full factory data reset.  Settings > General management > Reset > Factory Data Reset    This communication will be updated as root cause is identified.
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This document is intended to educate our customer regarding the use of Automatic Call Recorder (ACR) application on Galaxy S9/S9+ devices.
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