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Question   I need to turn off the Reactivation lock on my Samsung.  The instructions I have say to disable the reactivation lock by following:  "settings>lock screen and security>find my mobile>reactivation lock". The problem is that there is no "find my phone" option/setting. What I need now is: a.  directions on how to disable the reactivation lock b.  How do I set my phone so I can use "find my phone"?       Answer   Samsung removed Reactivation Lock from it's security features when Google created and launched Android Device Manager so you won't see the setting on an S6 or S7 anymore.  It was never included in the S8.     Android Device Manager makes it easy to locate, lock or unlock an Android phone linked to a Google account.  Log in to your Google account and go to Android Device Manager Android Device Manager.  You should see every device currently linked to your Google account and a map pointing out the device's current location.  This article provides some basic information but if you go to Android Device Manager it's pretty self explanatory.   If you do not have a Google account already set up on the phone, you can only reset the screen lock by performing a Hardware Factory Reset to erase the phone. (A factory reset will result in the loss of all data stored on the device including 3rd party applications.     If you are looking for the steps to disable reactivation lock for Apple, please see this article:    
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