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Question I just found a pop-up message on my phone saying that it was 'unlocked for UICC support' or something. I looked up the message on Google and people are saying that it can indicate a scam.   What does this message mean?  Am I being hacked?     Answer   You're not being scammed or hacked. The UICC is what we used to call a SIM card.  It helps identify your phone to the network.   You received this message because you paid off the phone and fulfilled your agreement with Sprint.  As a result, Sprint has 'unlocked' your phone (also known as Domestic SIM Unlock or DSU) and has sent you a message to confirm.   Sprint will automatically unlock active devices made after January, 2015 when the purchase agreement is fulfilled, contracts are complete, and all requirements for Unlocking have been met. Once a phone is unlocked, it may be used on some other carriers, even foreign carriers, if that network is compatible with the your phone's build.   If you have completed your agreement and have not received the UICC unlock message, you may need to contact Care for assistance.  Please see our Domestic SIM Unlock FAQ at the bottom of this article to ensure you meet all of the requirements before contacting Care.   For more information, take a look at our Unlocking FAQ page.    
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