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Question Is Sprint going to allow Note 7 customers to upgrade to the Note 8 easily? Answer   If you purchased a Note 7, we're making some adjustments so that you can upgrade to a Note 8.     Starting Friday 8/25/17: If you purchased a Note 7 on installments, returned it and immediately started a new installment agreement on another device, you will be eligible to upgrade with giveback as soon as we have received 12 consecutive payments towards the new phone. Unfortunately, there's no way to pre-pay the 12 payments and accelerate this process without paying off the entire balance.  Starting Saturday 8/26/17: If you leased a Note 7, returned it and immediately started a new lease on an alternate device (like an S7), you will be eligible to upgrade with giveback.  If you purchased a Note 7 on a 2 yr agreement, returned it and immediately bought another subsidized device, you will be upgrade eligible to upgrade. You do NOT have to turn in your device in this scenario. Keep in mind: we no longer offer 2 yr agreements.  You can upgrade on Sprint either with Sprint Flex Lease or full MSRP or you might be able to take advantage of the Samsung Exclusive Note 8 Offer to Note 7 buyers     Scenarios where you might not qualify for an upgrade: If you leased a Note 7, returned it and swapped back to an older device you already owned, then later upgraded to a new device (such as the LG G6 or the Samsung S8), you will not be made eligible to upgrade now as you have upgraded to more recent technology than the Note 7. If you purchased a Note 7 on installments and did not return it until late in the year (say November or December) to purchase another device, you will need to wait until you've made the 12 consecutive payments mentioned above
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