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Question   I need to turn off the Reactivation lock on my Samsung.  The instructions I have say to disable the reactivation lock by following:  "settings>lock screen and security>find my mobile>reactivation lock". The problem is that there is no "find my phone" option/setting. What I need now is: a.  directions on how to disable the reactivation lock b.  How do I set my phone so I can use "find my phone"?       Answer   Samsung removed Reactivation Lock from it's security features when Google created and launched Android Device Manager so you won't see the setting on an S6 or S7 anymore.  It was never included in the S8.     Android Device Manager makes it easy to locate, lock or unlock an Android phone linked to a Google account.  Log in to your Google account and go to Android Device Manager Android Device Manager.  You should see every device currently linked to your Google account and a map pointing out the device's current location.  This article provides some basic information but if you go to Android Device Manager it's pretty self explanatory.   If you do not have a Google account already set up on the phone, you can only reset the screen lock by performing a Hardware Factory Reset to erase the phone. (A factory reset will result in the loss of all data stored on the device including 3rd party applications.     If you are looking for the steps to disable reactivation lock for Apple, please see this article:    
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Question Samsung is offering Note7 buyers up to $425 off the purchase of a Note8.  How do I take advantage of that offer? Answer This is an offer directly from Samsung and does not apply to our Sprint pre-order promotions.  This offer applies to customers who purchased Samsung Galaxy Note7 and registered that Note7 on prior to the recall If you had a Note7, you may have received an email with this $425 trade in offer This offer is ONLY being supported by Samsung (Not Sprint) for customers who pre-order their Galaxy Note8 through or through the Samsung Shop App Customers can find out if they eligible by going to this link:  Samsung Exclusive Trade In Offer Samsung verifies eligibility by email address, so you will need to use the email address that you used to register your Note7 on to validate your eligibility Since this offer is NOT being made in cooperation with Sprint so there may be impacts to your account should you take advantage. The offer will require that you turn in whatever device you currently have to Samsung (Not Sprint) If your phone is currently on a lease or IB with Sprint, you would be subject to lease cancellation fees/accelerated device purchase fees when you turn that phone in to Samsung. The offer does not combine with any current Sprint promotion including 50% new lines or any upgrade offers you may receive
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 What is Sprint Magic Box?  Sprint Magic Box is a wireless small cell that ca n improve LTE data coverage within buildings and even within a certain range outside.   Does it help with voice coverage? No, Sprint Magic Box only improves LTE data signal (2.5 MGhz, Band 41).   How do I get one? You'll need to qualify for Sprint Magic Box. There are several factors to take into consideration including (but not limited to) the Sprint network in your area and the device(s) you have.  We've launched to a select group of customers, primarily businesses at this time.  Consumer sign ups are coming soon.  The really cool thing is, if you are visiting a business where a Magic Box is in operation, you get to benefit too!   I filled out the signup information weeks ago but I didn't get one! Customers are not guaranteed a Magic Box, no matter what.  Each request has to be evaluated for several factors that include things like the network in your area and the type of devices you have.  We want to be sure that the Magic Box is the right solution for each situation where we install one.   Do I need to have WiFI or Wired Internet Service to qualify? No!  Magic Box is a small cell that doesn't require a wired or WiFi internet connection to work.  All you need is an outlet and a good window, most likely with a line-of-site to a nearby cell tower.  Magic Box will even help you decide which window in the building will provide the best signal strength beforehand (won't worry, we provide instructions and support too!).   Will my phone work with Magic Box? Magic Box operates on LTE 2.5GHz frequency (Band 41), so only devices with this capability will work with it.  Most newer smartphones will work but you'll need to check your device's specifications for LTE 2.5 GHz to be sure.   What kind of an area will a Magic Box cover? Sprint Magic Box can improve LTE speeds in an area as large as 30,000 square feet indoors.  It can help customers in adjacent buildings and even outside, up to 100 meters in the right conditions.  This means that dozens of Sprint customers in a particular area can benefit from the improved coverage of one Magic Box.   Every Sprint customer within the coverage area can benefit from the Magic Box, so there's no need or ability to secure it, as with WiFi or an Airave.   Does Magic Box improve data signal for phones on other network providers? Since Magic Box is on a Sprint owned frequency; customers on other (non-Sprint) networks do not receive improved LTE signal.   Will do I connct my phone to a Magic Box where one is available? No need to connect or set up your phone to work on a Magic Box.  If you're within range, your phone will pick up and connect to the Magic Box as it would a regular cell tower.   If I move, do I have to give the Magic Box back? Not necessarily.  When you're ready to move, contact Magic Box support and verify that your new location is appropriate for a Magic Box.  Magic Box does not work in areas where there is no Sprint coverage.   Can I use WiFi calling through my Magic Box?  No, Magic Box is only for LTE data.  It does not improve voice signal and can't be used to connect to WiFi calling.   How do I set up my Magic Box? Every Magic Box comes with a Quick Start Guide.  You can also see the Magic Box Support Center for installation instructions and available video with step-by-step instructions.   For more information, please visit our Magic Box Support center
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Symptoms   The toggle for Hot Spot is nowhere to be found in Settings.  A buddy of mine has an S8+ and I confirmed that his phone shows it.  He actually has a couple options that I'm missing (e.g. Wi-Fi Calling), but the only one I really care about is Hot Spot.   Diagnosis Sprint branded apps may not properly load at initial installation and provisioning.  As a result, certain apps including Hot Spot and WiFi calling may be missing. Solution From the device phone dialer, tap ##BRAND#  The device may ask to confirm reset.  Please tap OK or confirm.  Your device will restart at least one time and walk through over the air activation.   This process will reload the Sprint app package as well as network settings.  No personal data should be affected.  This should restore missing hot spot and WiFi Calling toggles.    Be advised: this process may restore some applications to your home screen that you had previously removed.  It's safe to delete the icons again once the reset has completed
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