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See Ratings and Reviews of Sprint devices on the Go…


We know how important it is for you to know what your fellow Sprint customers think of their beloved Sprint device and you would love to have access to all that information handy when you are shopping or discussing (boasting) with your friends. You don’t have to wait anymore for that. Customers with Android, Palm webOS and BlackBerry 6 OS (or later) can now go to our mobile Sprint website ( to view Ratings and Reviews of Phones, Tablets and Broadband devices.

When customers access on their phone (Android, Palm webOS and BlackBerry 6 OS) and when they select “Phones and Tablets” or “Mobile Broadband”, average device rating and number of reviews will be displayed for each of the devices listed. On selecting any of these devices, the device details will be displayed and the customer can select the Community Rating to see the ratings and reviews provided by Sprint community users and the CNET ratings.

One more tool in your hand to prove to your friends (unbelievers) what they are missing