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Description of Enhancement/Fix

- Google OS Upgrade to Jellybean
- Camera improvements to include blink detection, flash mode, EXIF menu & settings menu
- Power down issue relating to device inability to power back on for Jellybean

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- Power down issue with inability to power back on when charging the device

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- LED notification blink timing

- Swype during text messaging/word wrap improvement

- Camera improvements - WDR, white balance, blink detection, saturation setting

- File size of applications displayed in Setting > Applications > Running Applications

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Initial Release

Important Notes:

Updates may be released in stages;  if you do not see the update on your phone immediately, please be patient.

Update your software

1. From the home screen, tap the Menu icon

2. Tap System settings

3. Scroll to and tap System updates

4. Tap Update Firmware

5. The handset will check for firmware updates

    If a firmware update is available, follow the prompts to install the update

    Otherwise, tap OK

6. Tap Update Sprint Flash Software

    If an update is available, follow the prompts to update the system software

    Otherwise, tap OK

Check software version

1. From the home screen, tap the Menu icon

2. Tap System settings

3. Scroll to and tap About phone

4. Software version will be displayed under SW Version in the following format:N9500xx.x.xxxx

Note:  Comments are restricted on this blog.  Please post any comments under the thread for the specific software update.


If you plan to purchase a pre-owned device, it’s important to purchase devices from reputable and trustworthy sources, such as Sprint pre-owned and certified devices at or other Sprint authorized sellers.   If you plan to purchase a device from another source, it is your responsibility to take extra precautions to ensure you are not the victim of fraud. Stolen or lost phones will not be activated on the Sprint network.

There are some steps you can take before you purchase the device: Always request the ESN or MEID from the seller. You can contact Sprint at (888) 211-4727 or *2 on your Sprint phone, provide either the ESN or MEID and ask a Sprint care representative to check whether the device is lost or stolen. However, please be aware,  this step does not guarantee that the lost/stolen status won’t change prior to your attempt to activate. If a device is reported lost or stolen we will not be able to activate it, no matter the circumstances. Again, Sprint strongly recommends that you purchase used devices from a trustworthy source like the Sprint pre-owned and certified devices on or other Sprint specific channels.


There are many ways that you can improve overall battery performance on your Andriod device.  Here are some things to check and do on your phone:

  1. Uninstall any applications that are not being used.
  2. Check the Google Play Store for any updates to existing applications.
  3. Delete and re-add email accounts to refresh their settings.
  4. Understand your email sync options. 
    • Push – Will drain your battery every time/notify a new email arrives.  This is best for you if you need to be notified when an email arrives and receive very little email in a day.
    • Interval (5min, 15min, 1hour, etc) – Will drain your battery/notify on the interval specified.  This is best for those who need to be notified, but receive a large amount of email in a day.  Choose the longest timeframe that works for you.
    • Manual – Will only drain your battery/notify when you force email to sync.  This is best for those that don’t need to be notified when a new email arrives and/or need the best battery life.
  5. Avoiding deep discharges of your battery is the key to maximizing its long term capacity.  Charge often and whenever possible!
  6. Use the auto-brightness feature and lower the brightness.
  7. Utilize the power saving mode feature.
  8. Turn off GPS and Sprint Hotspot if they are not being used.
  9. Live wallpapers use significantly more battery than standard wallpapers when the screen is ON, choose another wallpaper which is not Live.
  10. Enable Wi-Fi on your smartphone, and you can download data faster and use your battery longer. Plus, your smartphone will automatically search for available Wi-Fi networks in the area, which makes connecting to the Internet easier than ever.



Enhancements to the new mobile website and SprintZone make it easy to update settings right from your phone. Choices include Text messaging, Voice and Data settings such as block, allow, and block all incoming.

Here’s how:

  • Visit or SprintZone
  • Select “Manage Your Account” and “Sign in to manage your account” and sign in using your My Sprint username and password.
  • Select the + symbol next to Phones on Account and scroll the phone you to change the settings for.
  • Select Limits and Permissions link for that phone.  There you will see the current settings for Texting, Voice Calls and Data. 
  • Use the drop down menus for each category to make the appropriate access selection. 


We know how important it is for you to know what your fellow Sprint customers think of their beloved Sprint device and you would love to have access to all that information handy when you are shopping or discussing (boasting) with your friends. You don’t have to wait anymore for that. Customers with Android, Palm webOS and BlackBerry 6 OS (or later) can now go to our mobile Sprint website ( to view Ratings and Reviews of Phones, Tablets and Broadband devices.

When customers access on their phone (Android, Palm webOS and BlackBerry 6 OS) and when they select “Phones and Tablets” or “Mobile Broadband”, average device rating and number of reviews will be displayed for each of the devices listed. On selecting any of these devices, the device details will be displayed and the customer can select the Community Rating to see the ratings and reviews provided by Sprint community users and the CNET ratings.

One more tool in your hand to prove to your friends (unbelievers) what they are missing

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