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6/23 - Changes to Phones and Devices forums


6/23 - Changes to Phones and Devices forums

We will be making some changes to the Phones & Devices forums to make it easier for you to find information.  Currently, the sub-forums under Phones & Devices are a mix of OS (operating system), manufacturer, and type of device. In the new structure, devices will be found under the manufacturer regardless of the type of device or the device's operating system.

Unfortunately, these changes can't be made by 'flipping a switch' so bear with us.  If what you're looking for isn't where it used to be, check under the sub-forum for the device manufacturer or use Search to find specific topics.     

The question that's still open is what to do with the operating system sub-forums after the device sub-forums have been moved.  WebOS fits nicely with Palm, but Windows and Android cross multiple manufacturers. What are your suggestions?     

Please post your input or questions in this thread.  


These changes will be implemented tonight (Thursday 6/23) between 12am and 7am CST.  While the Community/Forums will remain available during this time, we will be restructing the forums so you may experience unexpected results.   

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