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7" Galaxy Tab and iPad2


7" Galaxy Tab and iPad2

I'm not going to discount what you're saying - but at the same time - look at the "openness" of android and the negatives that it has - it's open to viruses, hacking, phishing, etc. Apple is much more closed and is much harder to crack. I personally feel like the Apple products are going to be safer in the long run, specially with the invent of using cell phones as your debit card. I know you're not referring to the iPhone at the moment, but the iPad is the same closed type of OS. I'd feel much safer doing financial stuff on an iPad than an Android tab.

Call me a fangirl of Apple - the truth is I'm a PC user who has an Android powered phone at the moment (Nexus S 4G). I'm not really an "Apple Person" per se - but I'm beginning to see the realities of securities in this day and age.

To each his own - if you want an Andriod tab, by all means go with it - but those who want an iPad or whatever else Apple may sell will go that route. If I were to get something tab like I'd probably go with an iPad or a BB Playbook because BB actually does a pretty good job about protecting their OS from hacks.

As always these are my opinions -- YMMV


7" Galaxy Tab and iPad2

I have the 7 inch Galaxy Tab and it's perfect to slide in my back pocket.  I pop in some headphones, play some music...with it in my back pocket when I'm up and walking around.  It's the perfect size if you ask me.  I hear Samsung is making another 7 inch Tablet soon.  I've played with other tablets...and I really like the Blackberry Playbook too, but this 7 inch Samsung is just light enough.  Perfect



7" Galaxy Tab and iPad2

Just a quick observation. There is so much hype about iPad being an "experience".. I received an iPad 2 as a gift and quickly sold it. No, not as a personal gift, a business one. Anyway, a lot of people I know chastised me for wanting a 7" Galaxy Tab. You see, I go more for ease of use, open apps, ease of maintenance, portability and final cost., I even downloaded each user guide. Know what? Almost all the Apple Apps, either included on iPad or the Apple Store have similar counterparts in the Android Market. Just about ANYTHING the iPad can do, the Andoid Tab can do. Maybe with less fluff, but still basically the same. And the topper, I want to change a battery, or add more memory, or use a microSD card, or use Flash? I can do it all. Apple owners can't. Sure, an Apple iPad owner can try to impress others with the "I own an iPad2" statement. But I will sit with a smile on my face with my smaller screen device, my more portable tab and my just as dynamic featured device with the functions that really matter for me. Hang in there Samsung and Sprint. You are at the same position that Apple was some years back. Innovation is yours to use. Apple is running scared. Thet is why they are flying lawsuits at anyone that seriously threatens their turf. Keep it up Android... You are at 50% of market. The beast will fall so all are equal....