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A Sprint positive experience with five different reps


A Sprint positive experience with five different reps

Upgraded my BB 8530 to the SG24GT @ a Sprint Corporate store in November. I bought a at&t customer over to purchase one also. I had called in Sept to insure I still had my silver premier upgrade discount (9 yr. customer). I did. Store said that their computer showed that I DID NOT have discount now and I had to pay $500 for the phone. Also, my two yr contract would start over and I wouldn't be eligible for first upgrade for 20 months, although I was assure in Sept that I still had an upgrade available in Feb 2012 'if' I purchased a new phone under my 'old 2 yr' contract. When I got home, I noticed that the Sprint store receipt showed that my monthly 'discount' had expired and no longer available.

Because of other time issues and staying in prayer for the ordeal ahead, I called five different times over two days to discuss & resolve my concerns and specifically what I had been promised via Sept call etc. I was very polite, not angry and showed appreciation and concern for each individual who helped. I did talk to each representative's supervisor after each call to thank them for their help and professionalism.

In the end, I got the following results:

1. credit applied to my bill as a silver premier customer for new phone purchase
2. a one time monthly credit for loss of discount
3. my on-going monthly discount fully restored as before
4. eligible for upgrade in Feb 2012 (4 months) under old contract
5. eligible for 20 month upgrade from date of purchase of 'new' phone/contract

I know that my five different encounters with Sprint reps may have been atypical from most. But seldom does one read of positive encounters with Sprint reps. My experience was outstanding.


A Sprint positive experience with five different reps

Thank you for your kind words. 


A Sprint positive experience with five different reps

CAPT, as a Sprint employee, I'd also like to thank you for taking the time to post a positive comment. All of us at Sprint have been working extremely hard to make sure that positive experiences like the ones you had are the expected standard, as evidenced by our 16 straight quarters of improved results for customer satisfaction and first call resolution in customer surveys. The latest Neilsen report has us only 3 percentage points (which is generally the margin of error in these surveys) behind only Verizon in satisfaction with customer service, and leading all wireless companies in satisfaction with account set up and data service. We are all proud of that, but it is much more satisfying to hear it directly from a customer like yourself.

Thank you so much for being a Sprint customer, and especially for bringing a friend to sign up as well. I promise that we are doing all we can to make sure that every time you need assistance, you're getting it from a friendly and knowledgable person that appreciates your business, like 14KNIGHT and the other specialists who monitor this forum.

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