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All I wanted was a new phone or early upgrade


All I wanted was a new phone or early upgrade

after talking to 4 different reps, visiting 2 different

stores, attempting to repair two old phones only for one to be worked on

then only not work again, spending 2 and a half hours chatting with reps

online who are telling me nothing that will help me, i have gotten very

irritated. I have been with Sprint for over 5 years and have never had

any problems. I even upgraded to a family plan for me and my mom to

share together. I have also paid every month which probably has now

reached the couple thousand dollar mark. Also my mother on the same plan

signed another 2 year contract. I am now phone-less and all my contacts

were lost. All of my buisness numbers, collegues, friends and family

phone numbers are gone because I did what Sprint told me to do to fix my

phone situation. I am very upset, displeased, and disgusted with the way

I am being treated. I feel as if my money and patronage to Sprint is one

big joke. All I wanted was a new phone because the other two I had stop

working right. This is completely outrageous and

uncalled for. Instead of hooking me up with some sort of replacement, i came home

with the same broken phone and all my contacts are lost. Why pay a hundred bucks to get the same obsolete

phone when they just give way nicer ones to first time account holders?

Does anyone have any suggestions?

Don't you think they owe me a phone on their tab for once?


All I wanted was a new phone or early upgrade


     I am sending you a PM, please check your inbox.

Thank you,



All I wanted was a new phone or early upgrade

My husband and myself have had similar issues and we both have the bb curve 8530, i even went as far as opening claims with the better business bureau and they still denied me any assistance, and I would have never taken these phones except they were pushed on us by the sprint agent and i feel strongly now that sprint was just trying to push them off as quickly as possible because they are so HORRIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!! I STILL NEED HELP HERE SPRINT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


All I wanted was a new phone or early upgrade

I have to the same issue! I have had the Evo 3D since July, and I have gone through about 3 or 4 of them.  All I wanted was an early upgrade or a new phone too, they tried to offer me a blackberry, but seriously I am not going from one of the smarter phones on the market to a blackberry.  Sprint has waived my ETF if i want to switch providers, which I haven't because of sprints unlimited data, but with these black friday deals, I am seriously considering switching to verizon, otherwise I am going to be stuck with this POS phone for another year and a half!


All I wanted was a new phone or early upgrade

boy, did i have a good laugh when i saw the "sprint cares" logo-ha! my lotus had a $35 repair and the salesgirl talked me into a BB style smartphone instead and it's the biggest piece of crap. i own a business and it only downloads messages when it feels like it. the battery lasts a good couple of hours if i'm lucky-even after i had them take off the cute little apps that came with the phone and forget about ever getting to use the BB apps. it hasn't granted me access since the 35th day or so since i purchased the thing. sprint reps treat me like dirt and so did the sprint  email person. the good news is-in 400 days or so, i have an upgrade coming! yay!!!!!  btw-lost one client so far-$200 a month. awesome


All I wanted was a new phone or early upgrade

I was accosted at a Kiosk next to my friend's kiosk when I was picking her up from work. They started out chatting with me and then guilted me into a plan after my contract had FINALLY ended. Something about if they don't make their quota their jobs would be in jeopardy. I believed them since they were friends with my friend (through work only). I don't blame them, they were sweet and just doing the job Sprint makes them do. But of course I was stuck with a new year of the same old, same old. Thank goodness my plan was up in September yay.

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