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Android International Phone at Sprint?


Android International Phone at Sprint?

I have long been waiting for Sprint to get an Android International Phone that I can use when I visit home. I just noticed that they have labelled Photon Q as an international one, but I read in the reviews that the sim card is "embedded" -- does that mean that it cannot be swapped with a local sim card when I am abroad in Europe??? How is that called an international phone?

Anyways, any of you has heard or knows whether Sprint is going to get some Android device that wouldn't have the above problem....I am not really after the iPhone, which seems to be the better solution at the moment.


Re: Android International Phone at Sprint?

You can get Motorola XPRT (MB612) Android phone and you can take Sim Card out from that device. Yes, you're right with the phone that you mentioned you cannot exchange the Sim card when you are in a different country.



Re: Android International Phone at Sprint?

This is correct. The Photon Q has an embedded SIM card so it can only be used internationally through Sprint's GSM roaming partners. You cannot swap the SIM for a local one on that particular model. All other Sprint international devices have removable SIM cards however and they can be swapped with local SIMs.

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