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Broken phone but upgrade is close


Broken phone but upgrade is close

so i have  a "refurbished" evo 3D, i got it through Ashurian on an insurance claim after my phone was stolen a few months back. after i got it the first 2 months of having it, it worked fine but now its on its last leg. i have an upgrade in Feburary on the first and was wondering if there is ANY way i can get an early upgrade and get rid of this phone. the screen acts on its on. If i put it down it will litterally switch from app to app buy itself

It will just overhead because its constantly workin itself and causing the battery to drain fast. i litteraly have to play around with it just to call people back. The screen wont recognize my fingertips, ive called they tried to offer another refurbished phone but i didnt want to take that chance again. Whenever i get calls i cant answer there's no way i constantly have to pull out the battery because it will call numbers on its own. i wish i had answers. Ive been with sprint for years and dont plan on switching anytime soon. i just need to know if i can get rid of this headache and get an early upgrade...its litterally two and a half weeks away.


Hey Arteaux, thanks for posting.

Where I do appreciate your issue and logic, we already provide a 2 month acceleration for our customers to upgrade early (22 month wait rather than 24 month wait after latest upgrade). Because we've realized that more and more of our clients are asking for faster upgrades, we're placing a 4 month acceleration for future upgrades (20 month wait rather than 24).

If you have insurance, I'd recommend visiting a local repair center in the meantime. You can find one here: Thanks!


Giovanni R.

Sprint Social Care Team

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