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Can a sprint handset be converted to boost ?


Can a sprint handset be converted to boost ?


I have two Samsung Moments which were purchased when my wife and I began Sprint service back in April 2010. Due to problems during purchase and subsequent upset with Sprint refusing to allow us to switch to a handset which actually served its purpose We ended up paying full price for two HTC EVO 4G handsets a few months later.

The original moments were fixed by subsequent multitude of firmware releases which resolved the horrible problems the phones were released with. We never got rid of them( as no one would touch them due to the terrible reputation they earned ).

Can these samsung moments on sprint be some how converted to work on the Boost Mobile network ? I am tired of paying over the odds for 4g service not available in my area (and foolishly believed my service reps that it was coming soon) and just want to walk from Sprint.

Boost shows to be getting a lot of acolades for quality of service in a PAYG format and would result in considerable savings for me and my wife.

Is this possible?  can we retain our numbers if we do switch or am I setting ourselves up for another fall.

I just dont want to pay for even more phones in such a short time considering boost is owned by sprint and works on the same radio system and frequencies.

Many thanks in advance.



Can a sprint handset be converted to boost ?

There are some roms (versions of software that are not official) that you can put on your Sprint phones that will make them work on another carrier such as Boost, but you would have to root (gain root access of the phone) them and then install the rom...Both Sprint & Boost would not support this at all of course.

Thank you


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