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Can i buy the iphone 5 from apple and use it with sprint?


Re: Can i buy the iphone 5 from apple and use it with sprint?

Again, true. But like I said, your local Sprint store will offer it's own deals to you on accessories and buybacks. If you want JUST the iPhone and nothing else, then yea head to Radioshack then. But with the money that can be saved by selling back your old phone and getting discounts on the accessories you want, the cost evens out.

Not to mention you can actually get an iPhone 5 from your local Sprint store for only $99.99 if you sign up for our Home Phone Connect service. Many of customers find a home phone useful, even if they use it as an office phone. The Phone Connect device is completely FREE, the service is only $19.99 per month, and we'll give you $100 off an iPhone 5 in store! This isn't a bill credit, it's an instance savings.

So like I said, you just have to weigh the pro's and con's. I'm certainly not knocking Radioshack, but let's be honest, they aren't really phone specialists and they aren't specifically trained in Sprint services since they sell phones for all carries. Could you imagine having to learn procedures and policies for up to 5 different celluar carriers? You wouldn't bring your car to a shady looking garage for an oil change just because they advertise $20 off. You would take it to the dealership you bought it from or a trusted mechanic. Same thing goes for phones. And in my opinon, you should go with the pro's who know them best.


Re: Can i buy the iphone 5 from apple and use it with sprint?


Thanks for you interest in the Apple Iphone 5. With all the great suggestions made in this thread, you should be able to get the device you are looking to get into. Another option is going to . Let us know if you need anything else.


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Re: Can i buy the iphone 5 from apple and use it with sprint?

Personally I'd never purchase anything from Radio Shack, A few years back they refused to sell me batteries because I wouldn't give them my phone number and/or address so I will never step foot in one.
But again a customer can sell back their device(s) to Sprint no matter where they purchase from, they can do it in store for instant account credit or accessory credit, or they can do it online. And not to bash Sprint but their prices on accessories can be beat almost anyplace, even with any discount they may offer.


Re: Can i buy the iphone 5 from apple and use it with sprint?

All good points, Levi,

Corporate stores and Preferred retailers differ in the way they may sell accessories. As a preferred retailer myself, I will price match our accessories to any competing store. Usually prices you find on eBay and other online retailers can't be beat, however.

But again it all comes down to perference. Some people are bargain shoppers and simply want the best deal and most bang for their buck. But most of our customers love our service and would gladly pay the price to get our 5 star customer service. Sure, we offer ReadyNow, as you stated, to our customers regardless of where they bought their phone from. But the one-stop-shop benefit certainly has it's appeals.

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