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Can no longer swap phones on line.


Can no longer swap phones on line.

About two weeks ago I was no longer able to swap phones on line.  Every time I tried, I got the message that the swap requires a plan change so I'd need to phone in.  No plan change is required (EVO 3D and an Arrive use the same plan, both have the $10.00 add-on, etc.).  Two phone calls and a chat session provided no answer; in fact, the techs ignored my question in each case.

Anyone else having this problem? 


I apologize.  I will not ignore your question.  If you will private message me your account phone number and pincode/sec answer, I will see why it is forcing you to call instead of letting you use the website self-service...



I have the same issue. Chat and 18882114727 have been bouncing me around saying one or the other can help me on this. They say it's a technical issue that they can't help with.


Same issue, with both online swaps, Chat and Phone Support. Each agent now seems to have the goal of taking as many calls as possible, regardless of how many issues are actually resolved. There is no reason I should not be able to do this simple swap online, much less have to wait 45 minutes (and 4 transfers) on the phone with no result.

The first two Chat reps disconnected me immediately without giving me a chance to say anything, sending me into an endless circle of failed support attempts. With the 3rd Chat rep, I got this far before the same cycle repeated:

Pam: Hi, my name is Pam. Thank you for your chat request. Please wait while I review your information.

Me: OK, but please do not disconnect me, like previous agent, who stated that this is not a business account, because it is
Pam: Please verify the mobile number?
Me: 164*******2 (DC)
Me: this device does not have phone service
Me: Direct Connect only
Pam: according to our records, this is an individual account
Me: no
Pam: That is the way the account is set up
Me: ********** has been a business account since 1995
Me: it was never personal
Pam: Yes, that one has
Me: however we have it linked toi another account
Pam: However, this DC number you provided is active on your personal account
Me: they moved it between accounts
Me: but it has not worked since
Me: please move it back
Pam: To a different account?
Me: the accounts are linked
Me: it needs to share data
Me: with others on data share plan
Pam: Unfortunately, we are not setup to perform account transfers
Pam: I do apologize for the inconvenience.
Me: Everything Data 1500 Share
Me: but
Me: from the other login, there is no chat support icon
Pam: Thank you for your request. I am unable to assist you in this channel; this chat support is for business corporate liable customers only. Please go to My Sprint at to complete your requested transaction. Have a great day!
Me: was given a link but it didnbt work
Me: thats the one
Me: what next?
Pam: In order to get the information you need, If you can please contact our Corp Care office at (800) 927-2199.  We
Pam: We do apologize again for the inconvenience
Pam: Sprint thanks you for using the Business eChat service.  It has been a pleasure working with you and Sprint greatly appreciates your business.

See what others are saying. Access the Telecom Manager Community at
Me: hmm, so you state its not a business account and then direct me to Corp Care?
Me: the community will swap the device for me?
Pam: Yes, they can refer you to the proper department
Pam: I do apologize again
Pam has disconnected.


OK, so I called the Business Care number per the instructions above and pressed the prompt for Swaps. When I gave the rep the device's phone number, she apologized and transferred me to Customer Care (for personal accounts). This CSR seemed as though he was actually completing the swap but I began to have doubts after an entire HOUR passed and he was still working on it. At that point (after an hour of back-and-forth on IMEI and SIM card numbers, and waiting...), I was stunned when the agent said "I'm very sorry sir for all the time we wasted, but this will have to be handled by Business Corporate Care. I will be happy to transfer you now if you like.". ...

I pointed out to him that I called on the Business Care number and was transferred to him, not bothering to mention the multiple failed attempts with Business Chat support. I explained to (Jason) that I did nothave more time to wait and asked him to please commicate what we needed done to the appropriate department (after all, he was thoroghly familiar with the problem at this point). Unbeleivably, he started to respond, and mid-sentence "CLICK"... disconnected (after one hour and with nothing accomplished).

Sprint, what should I do now? All I needed was a simple swap. Nearly two weeks later, and over 3 hours of support time and I still have no working device. Worse yet, there is no end in sight, as every contact I make, sooner or later, results in a transfer and more wait time. In most cases I cannot wait that long, and when I did wait it out, the rep wanted me to start all over again with someone else.


I hate to say this, but go to a store. They can probably take care of everything there.

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